Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Stitching

Snowmen Needle Roll by M Designs

This was slow going on Saturday. When this band is finished I only have two more to do then add the beads and finish into a roll. I hope I can get it finished this week Not sure what my next small project will be .... maybe another needle roll.

Queen of the Needle 2-3

Can't believe I didn't get the last band completed but between getting snacks ready and watching the Super Bowl that's all I got done.

Really enjoyed this years Super Bowl. Was really torn about which team to root for but the game was good. We always have our own little party that I make snacks for and this year was no different. The menu changes very little year to year. This year was Hot Cheese Dip (made in the crock pot with cheese and sausage), cheese, cold cuts, pickles, beets, olives, various chips and crackers and I made zuccuci bread. We both ate too much but sure enjoyed ourselves.

Today I have started a new project for a exchange. So far I think I like it and hope the person I'm doing it for will too. I have one more exchange to do and hope to start it also this week.

Until next time.....Happy Stitching


Nancy said...

You are right with Kelly on this one, the flowers are so pretty!! I LOVE the needle roll. I didn't know that M-design had this one, will have to go check it out now!

Barb said...

Both of them are pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

Anonymous said...

The needle roll is lovely, Rene and 'Queen of the needle' is so gorgeous as well. I really like your stitching - great job!

Christine H said...

Both are beautiful.

Kelly said...

Both look great Rene!

jlblake said...

Both are looking great. I can't wait to see more.