Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post for 2008

It's hard to believe another year as gone by. The older I get the faster time seems to fly. The year has had it ups and downs but the ups out weigh the downs by far. I am so thankful for all that I have and that includes my great online friends that feel more like family. At this time when we all seem to reflect on our lives I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of my life. I also want to thank you for all the wonderful comments you have left here on my blog.

Final Finish for 2008....
"January Stamp" by Lizzie Kate
stitched on 28count Lt Mocha Cashel
with WDW and GAST
I made it just under the wire and now the stitching for the Seasonal Shelf is done. I really like this little guy and will be so happy to look at him this month with the other snowmen that will make up the Snowman Mania in January.
Goals for 2009....

A lot of people have been posting their goals for 2009, what they plan on doing or in some cases not doing during the year. I have been thinking about this the past couple of days and decided if I set goals I would probably break them and I really don't want the stress. So I have only come up with 2 goals for the New Year.

1. Get my stitching area cleaned up and stash all organized. This will probably take me all year to do.

2. This is the most important one to me.....just to enjoy my stitching, both what I do for others and what I do for myself. I will not put any pressure on myself to get anything finished this year and will continue to be a serial starter (and at some point a serial finisher)

Thank you again for reading and commenting on my blog and I hope you have many hours of great stitching in the New Year.

Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching and Happy New Years 2009 glasses

Monday, December 29, 2008

Stitching Updare

I had a hard time staying on task with stitching until I got my order of threads from 123Stitch on Saturday. Saturday I worked a little on each of these projects and then Sunday I decided it was time to get another finish.


"Charmed 12 Days of Christmas"
by Hinzeit
Stitched on 28 count Beige Jobelan with GAST
I worked on this on and off all year and it is now finished and ready to go to the framers. I love the little charms and wish you could see them better (you can get a close up if you click on the picture). There is no way I would attempt to frame this myself since it will need several spacers because of the charms.
These are the projects I will work on for the rest of the week in the order they should be finished.

"January Stamp" by LK
This needs to be finished by Thursday so I can hang it on the Seasonal Shelf. The other stamps have only taken a couple of days to do so I should have this one done in time. It's a snowman so January will be Snowman Mania at our house when it come to decorating.

"Heartfelt Harvey" by Imaginating,Inc.
design is in the 2008 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue
Stitched on 32ct White Opalescent Linen with DMC 321
I love the look of this fabric but it is a PITA to work on.

This one is taking a little longer than I expected but it's always slow going for me with the over dyed floss and having to cross each stitch as I go. This will probably be my first finish in 2009.
Until Next Time....Have a GREAT week with lots of stitching

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is BIG in Vegas

Here are the promised pictures from the display in the Conservatory at the Belliago. Of course they do not do it justice, it is just awesome in person. You can almost get a idea of how big things are by seeing the people in the background. We visited the Conservatory twice and there are a lot more pictures from both visits in my Webshots Album (link in sidebar if you want to see them)

The Tree
This is a 42 foot White Spruce with 6,000 Red Led Lights

The Snow Family
All done in flowers

The Toy Soldiers guarding the Entrance

A Very large Rocking Horse

Flying Reindeer
They are all made of Pecans

Santa's Sleigh with Packages made from Mirrors

This is just a few of the many pictures I took. I can hardly wait now for the next display for Chinese New Years that will open in January. I hope they have the dragon again this year.
Tomorrow I hope to have a update on my stitching and maybe a finish (depends on how late I stay up stitching tonight.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a Christmas

DH Tracy and I had the best Christmas we have had in years. The day started when Tracy got home from work, made the coffee and then woke me up so we could open our presents. Again he has spoiled me totally rotten. I got everything on my list. I have to be careful what I ask for because he always gets me everything I could ever want. I got 2 pairs of ear rings, a Eeyore watch, some good smelly stuff, fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm, a DVD player (ours died at the beginning of the week), Momma Mia DVD and of course my new desk that he got me earlier this month as a early pressie. He also told me to go ahead and place a order at 123 Stitch. And if that wasn't enough he gave me cash to get a new Christmas outfit. Told you I was spoiled.

After all this he took a nap since we had plans to go out. We had planned on going to the Strip to check out the decorations but by the time we got ready is was VERY windy and cold so we decided to just go downtown where everything is close together and there is protection from the wind. I was getting hungry so we thought a early dinner would be nice, so we headed for our favorite buffet. Boy was it good and I ate way too much. After dinner we had some time to kill before the movie we wanted to see so sat down at the slots. Tracy won enough to pay for our dinner and the movie. When we stepped outside it was pouring rain, good thing the movie theater was close and we didn't get too wet. We saw "Valkyrie" with Tom Cruise. It isn't your typical feel good Christmas move but it was very good and I really enjoyed it, can't say as much for Tracy as he fell asleep (good thing he didn't start snoring). After the movie we went back to the casino to get our Starbucks coffee and did some people watching. Tracy wanted to play some more and I sure wasn't going to tell him no. Again the lucky guy WON!!! and I lost until we decided it was almost time to come home. One last machine, he won again and told me to go ahead and play. I finally won, put in $5 on a penny machine (that's all we play) and it was my turn....I walk away from the machine with $66.00. He told me on the way home he came out almost $200 ahead.

Tomorrow will be another fun day. First will be a trip to the doctors to have his stitches out (they weren't ready last week), then it will be off to play tourist and maybe do some shopping at the good Michaels across town.

I hope everyone had as great a Christmas as we did.

Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Merry Christmas

First and formost I want to wish all the readers of my blog a Holiday Season filled with Love, Joy and Peace. I hope the jolly fat man in the red suit brings you your hearts desire. It will be a quiet Christmas for us with no children at home and too far for them to come for a visit. It looks like the weather is going to be crappy but we will go through with our plans to go out despite the wind and rain. I will have a Merry Christmas update complete with pictures probably on Friday or Saturday.

On the stitching front I had two small finishes this week. As you can see I'm on a snowman kick these days. The first on is from the Cross Stitch Card Shop Issue. I just love these little guys and pan on doing more of them. I have put this on in a frame just like the PS Snowman I posted last week.
The second finish looks almost like a clown to me. It's a design by Heart in Hand just called "January". I will mount him on foam core and he will be the next piece for my box. I stitched him on 28count Lambswool Joblean with GAST and DMC. I did change some of the colors and maybe should have changed his nose to orange to make him look less like a clown and more like a snowman.

Until Next Time....Merry Christmas and Happy Stitching Three Kings 2

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter is Offical

Today is the first day of Winter and the shortest day of the year. It was the warmest day we had all week, almost hit 50 and inching more towards our normal temp. They are talking about more storms coming our way but probably no snow in the valley this time. I think we must live in the lowest part of the valley as all we saw was a few flakes. The other side of town got almost 6 inches and even the strip got 4 inches.

Since my last update I've been doing some crocheting on the Baby afghans and a little stitching. I wanted to try to get the "Charmed 12 Days" done before Christmas but now that won't happen. I ran out of the light green floss and have to order more this week. I'll continue to work on the Red and may still get it finished this year.

I still have to get the LK Stamp for January and some snowmen to go with it done by the first so I'd better get going on those this week also.
We are going to do thing differently this year for Christmas. Being that we are empty nesters and DH is off Christmas Day we have decided we are going to go out for the day and evening. I should have some good pictures of the Christmas decorations to share.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Old Man Winter has come to the desert Southwest finally. I even saw a few flakes of snow today. It was too wet for it to stick here but the other side of the Valley got up to 6 inches. The interstate is closed until sometime tomorrow, schools are closed tomorrow and there are accidents everywhere. As soon as the weather clears up and we can see the mountains I'll get some pictures.

I've stay inside and played games on the computer and stitched a little more on "Happiest Holidays". I would really like to finish it this weekend and make the flatfold so I can have it out for Santa to see.

I need a change of color to stitch on so will spend some time with "Charmed 12 Days" and maybe even "Celtic Spring". I also have a few more ornaments to get put together for the tree.

Until Next Time.....Stay warm and Happy Stitching

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Change in the Weather

Boy has winter finally hit or what? We are finally having some cold weather. I know I know it's still not what a lot of you are experiencing but still a nice change for here. The low last night was 29F and we are under a Winter Storm Warning at 4am. The snow level is going to be down to 2000 feet which means I will get to see some of the white stuff and may even get enough for a snowball but probably not enough for a snowman unless he is little tiny.

New WIP....
Happiest Holidays
Sue Hillis Design from JCS Ornament Premier Issue
Stitched on 28 count Hand dyed Linen with
WDW Blue Bonnet

Another new start (got to keep up my title you know). The model is stitched on white with red but I decided to change it to suit my tastes. I love blue and silver decorations for Christmas and I'll trim this with silver. I think it's going to be a little large for a ornament so will probably be a flatfold or maybe a small wall hanging.
Snowman Framed....
This is the little snowman I had in yesterday's blog entry. I had found the little frame with the silver corners at Wal Mart some time ago for only $1 and it is just the perfect size for the snowman and the silver really bring out the sparkle in the fabric. It was the perfect fit I think.
Holiday Baking....

Pumpkin Bread
With all the talk of Holiday baking I got out my trusted cook book and found a recipe for Pumpkin Bread. This is the result of my morning baking. It turned out really yummy and the apartment smelled so good while it was in the oven. I probably won't do much baking this year. Don't want to tempt Tracy while he is still trying to get his weight down and blood sugar under control.
Going to head for bed as my pillow is calling my name and Tracy is going to call if it's starts to snow so I won't miss it. I'm so crazy that if it does happen I'll probably get up, dressed and go for a walk in it.
Until next time.....Have a great week of Happy Stitching

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Little Snowman

I stitched this little snowman today. It was a quick stitch but I'm really pleased with the outcome. I had thought I'd finish him as a flat fold but it came out a little small for one so I think I'll just make him into a ornament. I really changed things up from the chart to make him mine.

Free Design from The Prairie Schooler
Stitched on 32 count White/Silver Linen
with Carrie's, WDW, Crescent Colors, Kreinik
Mill Hill Beads
Going to work on getting the Just Nan 12 Days ornaments put together and work on getting a couple of flatfolds done. If I get those all done I'll get back to putting a few more stitches in "Snowflake".

Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Friday, December 12, 2008

12 Days Exchange - Day 11 & 12

I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to SusanMarie Jarvis for all the wonderful gifts.

Day 11.....
On the 11th day I opened a package to find all these wonderful fabrics. There are different sizes, counts and colors. A stitcher can never have enough fabric and I know they will come in very handy in my neverending quest for the perfect pattern for them.

Day 12.....

What can I say about what she stitched for me. It is just, well words can't describe how wonderful it is. The stitching is perfect and the finishing is out of this world. I love how she did the back so I'll always remember where it came from. The scan doesn't show the twisted wire that will be used to hang it (like the wire used in the Wizzer ornaments). I love it!!!



Thank you again SusanMarie. I can't wait to do this exchange again next year.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The BEST DH in the world

I am soooooooo spoiled I must be getting rotten by now. A little background on why he felt he needed to get me a little cheer up gift. Yesterday I had a rather nasty phone call from my daughters husband (I no longer consider him my SIL or a member of my family) and believe me I was so upset it caused me to have chest pains. Did my daughter or son call to say "sorry" NO! Now I understand why some animals eat their young. Well after my sweetie got home from work he went to Wal Fart, he needed to pick up a gift for a exchange at work. He came in with a bag behind his back, gave me a BIG hug and said this should cheer you up a little.

This is what was in the bag.....

The Froggie is a kid size mesh backpack and inside there are little kid size slippers (I'll find a cute use for them), a nylon bath scrubbie (I really needed a new one too) and the cutest little bath mitten that you can see in the picture. The socks light up and I just love them. He is always looking for cute socks for me as I seem to be collecting them.
He is just the best husband anyone could ask for and I think I'll keep him another 30 years.

12 Days Exchange - Day 10 and some stitching

No Pipers Pipping on Day 10 hehehe Instead I received this adorable little snowman. Isn't he just the cutes. He looks like he is made of Marshmellow's and is ready to sled into a cup of Hot Cocoa. He will will have a place on the Seasonal shelf next month.

This is the card I stitched for the ILCS Stitched Card exchange. I haven't done a lot of stitched cards but this one was so much fun I think I'll do more in the future.

I hadn't worked on "Celtic Spring" for a while so decided it was time she got some more stitches in. Progress is slow but each stitch is another stitch towards it being done. Still have LOTS of beads to add but not sure where I put "Tacky Bob". I'm going to work on it some today before I move on to ?.

Until tomorrow with Present 11.....Happy Stitching

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12 Days Exchange - Days 8 & 9

Only 2 more days and then I get my stitched gift. Can't wait.

Day 8 package contained this cute little bag with beads on a cord.

Day 9 brought me this cute note pad. It opens up and inside are decorated little note pages.

I deceided I needed to make some Holiday themed Scissor Fobs. I thought jus using red and white beads would make it look like a candy cane to go with the charm. I also did another like it with the charm that looks like the red and white round candies. That one is on it's way to someone and I would love to give this one away also. So if you would like it just leave a comment and I'll draw a name this weekend.

Kelly has been bugging me to get back to stitching on my SAL's so last night I pulled out "Celtic Spring". I had forgotten how much I enjoy stitching on her so I think I'll spend a day or two on her. I'll post a updated photo before she get put away.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Sunday, December 7, 2008

12 Days Exchange - Day 7

In today's package I received Floss Organizer Polybag system. I haven't used these in years but now I'll try them again. They will probably help me keep my desk clean without all that floss for the project I'm stitching all over it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

12 Days Exchange - Days 5&6 and Other stuff

On Day 5 I received the little bag of Irish Creme Coffee. How my Secret Santa knew this is my very favorite I'll never know. Day 6 this adorable snowman came out of his package. Isn't he cute? He will go under the tree (if I ever get it up) and in January he will the the center of my Seasonal Shelf. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Santa Day....

After getting home from DH's surgery I pulled out a WIP I hadn't worked on for a while. No way this will be done for Christmas this year but there is always next year LOL

With all the room I have on my new desk I found it so easy to get out all the supplies and make a few Beaded Scissor Fobs. It's hard to get a good picture of them but you get the idea of all the different charms and colors I used. I hope those who receive them enjoy them as much as I did making them.

The New Desk.....

Finally got my camera and computer to talk to each other so I can share my early Christmas present with you.

This is what it looked like right after we finished putting it together. Look at all that space. I'm in computer/stitcher heaven.

This is what it looks like after a few days and all my fun stuff put out. I still have a lot of cleaning, organizing and putting away of charts, fabric and floss to do but

I want to thank all of you who kept my DH Tracy in their thoughts and prayers for his surgery yesterday. While it never nice to have to have surgery I will say that the outpatient surgery center we went to was wonderful. The staff was so caring and friendly and they took as good care of me as they did Tracy. After the pre-op they let me sit with him and the nurse said I looked tired. I explained to her that I had gotten up at 3am and was a little sleepy and cold. She proceeded to recline my chair and got me a warm blanket so I could take a nap. The doctor then came by and asked if I was comfortable (Tracy was sleeping) and explained what they were going to do. After the surgery he came back and said that everything went great and he should have total releif from the pinched nerve. All in all it was a great experience and if either of us has to have outpaitent surgery again that is where I want to go.
Time now to clean up after dinner. Usually Tracy does this but he gets a week break since he can't get this left hand or wrist wet (grrrrrr) but I guess I really do enjoy spoiling him for a change.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching and enjoy the rest of the weekend

Thursday, December 4, 2008

12 Days Exchange - Day 4

Today's package had the cutest Snowman (sorry about the quality of the pic). He will find a home at my new computer desk so I can see him all the time. Thank You Secret Santa.

My dear, sweet, wonderful husband came home yesterday with a early Christmas gift for me. A new computer desk!!! It is twice as big as the one I had and now I have sooooo much more room for stitching. I still don't have everything set up on it but so far I just love it. Right now my camera and computer are not communicating grrrrr so as soon as I can get them to get along I'll post a picture of the new desk and how neat and tidy it is (at least for now)
Until Day 5 of the exchange....Happy Stitching

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

12 Days Exchange - Day 3

On the Third day of Christmas by Secret Santa sent to me......

I don't read a lot anymore so I'm going to use these to mark my charts when I stop stitching on the project for the day. I think they will work really well for marking the last line I stitched.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 Days Exchange - Day 2

In todays package I received a "Raindeer" duck. He is really cute and it's a good thing my son is no longer at home or he would steal it for sure. Can't wait to see what Day 3 brings.

I found some really cute Christmas charms yesterday and just had to make a Winter fob with the snowman. The picture is kinda dark but you can see it is done with pearls that sort of look like a snowman. This was another fun one to do.
I also had to start a different design for my stitched card for the exchange so that will be my focus until done. Also plan on doing a major clean up of my stitching area or there will be no room for the tree.
Until Next time....Happy Stitching

Monday, December 1, 2008

12 Days Exchange - Day 1

Our 12 Days exchange in the ILCS Yahoo group is being done a little different than most. We started opening our presents today. We are doing it this way so we can enjoy the gifts before the rush of the holidays gets hetic.

Here is the first of my gifts......

A Christmas note pad and I have already put it to good use.

Stitching and Decorating

I got a little more done on "Snowflake". I decided it would probably be easier to start in the middle and work out from there. These middle snowflakes are mostly backstitch and do take time to do with the metallic threads. It's too bad that the sparkle doesn't show up in the picture and you really can't see all that I did. There are a lot of beads still to do in this section but they will be put on last.

I put the finishing touches on the December Seasonal Shelf today. I'm really happy with the way it came out. The tree is one I crocheted several years ago and just added the beaded garland. Both the Snowman and Santa light up. The second picture is a close up of the LK Stamp and JBW Mittens.

Today was a really loooooooong day. DH Tracy had to have more blood work done and we had to wait for 3 1/2 hours at the lab. Note to self, NEVER go to the lab after a holiday. Then off to the Post Office and yet another line but at least this one moved a little faster. As a reward I got to go to Michael's to pick up a few things I needed and found some really cute Christmas charms for more Scissor Fobs. Didn't get much stitching done but made some progress on the afghan for my new grandbaby-to-be. Hope to get to bed early tonight and spend the next couple of days just stitching.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weather, Shopping and Stitching


You may be wondering why in the world I would take a picture of Fog. We have lived here for 8 years and this is only the 2nd or 3rd time I have seen fog in Las Vegas. After two days of rain (another rarity here) we finally had enough moisture in the air to cause fog. Sure was nice to see the rain and something other than sunshine.


Normally I don't venture out on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving for those outside the US) but this year I just couldn't pass up the fantastic sale at JoAnn's. I tried real hard to fill up the tote bag (a new purchase for only 80 cents with the sale). We really did have fun looking at everything and believe me I would have spent a lot less if Tracy had stayed home LOL. I got some really good bargains on beads, floss, Christmas decorations and much more. I also got a new book of crochet afghans for babies and the yarn to make "Bean" (what my daughter is calling the baby) a pretty lilac afghan. The check out line was long but went very quickly, they had every register open and they must have had every employee working the sale. All in all it was a very good experience and I can't wait for the day after Christmas sale.


I did it!!! I finished the stitching on the Just Nan "12 Days of Christmas". I didn't get them done until today so the finishing probably won't get done until Monday. These little guys were really fun to do but not sure I would do them again. They are only 2"x2" but have so many colors in each so that makes for LOTS of color changes. I'll be doing another set of 12 Days next year just not sure yet which one.
Date Night....
We decided it was time to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary a little late. I really wanted a good steak dinner so Tracy decided we would try Outback Steakhouse and see if it was as good as we remembered. It was!!! Since I wanted to see if they had the Christmas decorations up on the strip that's where we headed. No decorations yet but the meal was worth the trip After dinner we played the slots for a while then headed downtown for coffee at Starbucks. I was too cold to sit outside and people watch so we had our coffee inside and then headed home. It was another enjoyable evening out with DH and can't wait til we do it again.
I'm going to try to get back to some of my SAL stitching now and hope to make some progress on the "Snowflake" and Celtic Spring. Not sure how much I'll get done tomorrow as Tracy wants to put the tree up and I have some major straighting up of stash todo before we can even think of the tree. Looks like tomorrow will be spent putting away charts, fabric and floss.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching