Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter is Offical

Today is the first day of Winter and the shortest day of the year. It was the warmest day we had all week, almost hit 50 and inching more towards our normal temp. They are talking about more storms coming our way but probably no snow in the valley this time. I think we must live in the lowest part of the valley as all we saw was a few flakes. The other side of town got almost 6 inches and even the strip got 4 inches.

Since my last update I've been doing some crocheting on the Baby afghans and a little stitching. I wanted to try to get the "Charmed 12 Days" done before Christmas but now that won't happen. I ran out of the light green floss and have to order more this week. I'll continue to work on the Red and may still get it finished this year.

I still have to get the LK Stamp for January and some snowmen to go with it done by the first so I'd better get going on those this week also.
We are going to do thing differently this year for Christmas. Being that we are empty nesters and DH is off Christmas Day we have decided we are going to go out for the day and evening. I should have some good pictures of the Christmas decorations to share.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching


Lou's addictions said...

I cant imagine las vegas in snow i bet it was a sight to see. your 12 days is looking good.

Kathy said...

May you and DH have a wonderful Christmas together.
Merry Christmas to you both.

Meari said...

50?! That'd be a heat wave here right now. We're at -20F windchill temps. BRRR!

sales said...

Boy does 50 sound good. We are at 25 and snowing.

Your plans for Christmas sound fun. Enjoy.

Cindy F. said...

Christmas plans sound wonderful! Enjoy!
12 days is sooo pretty:)

Katrien said...

12 days is really looking good

Carolyn NC said...

We're cold today, but it'll be 70 by Sat. Love the 12 days. Have fun going out.

Nancy said...

Sounds like a nice day, seeing the decorations on Christmas day. I won't talk about the weather, too depressing.... Have a Merry Christmas.

kaghos said...

have a Merry Christmas, you do such wonderful work, specially with the holiday thing.