Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goodby May, I won't miss you

I am so happy May is finally over with all my illness. Between a week of getting sicker, another 5 days in the hospital and a week and a half at home getting stronger most of the month was wasted or I don't really remember it.

Wednesday was my follow up appointment with the doctor who was recommended by the hospital and I really do like him. He is patient and lisiened to all my problems not just the ones that put me in the hospital. He was very happy with my blood sugar, except for a couple of bumps in the road it has leveled off into the normal limits with the meds. Also he told me to NEVER take Ibuprofen, Aspirin or anything like that for pain. He did give me some low level pain killers and they are like a gift from the gods. Finally I have got up the last two mornings with no back pain and feeling really good for a change. I will be going for x-rays of my back to see if there is a problem other than just old age hehehe.


When I got home from the hospital I really wanted to get back into doing some stitching BUT my arms and hands were really, really sore from all the blood tests and the IV's which made it really difficult to hold my Q-Snaps and I was still having some vision problems from the diabetes. Soooo this is what I worked on for a couple of days between naps.

"Wild Thing - Frog" kit by Mill Hill
I thought working on the 14 count aida would be easier to see and since I'm doing it in hand easier to hold. I still don't like working on aida but since I love this frog and I didn't have a linen in a color that would work I'll bite the bullet and finish it on the aida.
As soon as I started feeling a little stronger and my vision cleared up I went back to my rotation and spent some time on.....

"Needle and Thread" by LHN
I was able to finish the wording and then the bed. It was then that I found I had miscounted on the moon so had to frog part of it. I really want this finished and will probably work on it tomorrow when we have our virtual stitch in on my ILCS group.

"AQC" - by ByGone Stitches
I'm finally getting close to a finish on this. Pages 1, 2, 4, & 5 are finished and parts of 3 & 6 are done too. I really wanted to have this finished by now but losing almost 3 weeks of stitching in May really put me behind. My new goal for a finish is the 4th of July.

"Summer" ornie from "Welcome All Seasons" by LK
Stitched on pale pink evenweave with DMC, Crescent Colours
Mill Hill Beads and buttons from Just Another Button Company
Back of ornament
We had a Summer ornament exchange in my ILCS group and this is the orni I stitched for Lyn. Since it arrived at it's new home I can share it with you. It was a really fun stitch and I just may have to do it again for myself.
Well that's enough rambling for now and I hope you weren't bored to tears.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching and have a great weekend!