Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snowman Trio - Milly

I started working on Milly over the weekend and haven't been able to put her down. I think the colors in this one are my favorite, love the pinks and purple. I want to get her scarf finished before she gets put back in the WIP basket and I go back to the stocking.
"Snowman Trio - Milly)

Hi folks, I finally made it home.

I got very lost on my way to find Sherk's swamp where I wanted to visit my cousin "Gingy". On the way home some kids started to chase me and they wanted to eat me so I ran and ran and ran all the way home. If Rene would put those silly snowmen away she could finish me and I could join my sister "Gingerbread Girl" and my friend "Sugar Plum Fairy" on the stocking for that sweet little girl Maddie. I sure hope she gets back to us real soon and "Sugar" can finally find her head. Hope to see you again real soon....Hint, hint Rene.
As you can see the gingerbread man finally turned up LOL. I had knocked my mouse off the desk and when I got down on the floor to retrieve it there he was. I know I looked in the place I found him but I guess I didn't look well enough or didn't have my glasses on. Now to get him to shut up so I can get to my goal on the snowmen.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank You Gifts

I just received two "Thank You" gifts in the mail.....

Rae Ann, a new member of my ILCS group, sent me these adorable socks as a Thank You for helping her with her questions about Cross Stitch. I just love them and will save them to wear when we go shopping on Black Friday.

And from Lee M, also of my ILCS group, I received this beautiful ornament as a Thank You for teaching the Hardanger class. She said this was her first ornament of this type and she did a wonderful job on it. I just LOVE it and it's already on my little tree just waiting for us to put up the big tree and it will have a place of honor on it.
Thank You so much Rae Ann and Lee. I really appreciate your thinking of me and your kind words with the gifts and cards.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Grandkids and Stocking

I am such a proud Granny I just had to share this picture of the grandkids with you.

I think this would make a great Christmas card. The only thing missing is the little elf hats LOL.

My very own "Sugar Plum Fairy". When I sent Manda (my DD) the picture of the stocking she dressed Maddie up in her tutu and sent me this picture.

I can't believe I'm so close to being finished with the stocking. After 4 days of stitching all that is left to do is the Fairy's face and hair, her wand and the cupcake with Maddy's name on it. I really shouldn't say all that's left because there are a ton of pieces that go into making her face and hair with flowers in it. I'm taking a short break from it over the weekend and working on the "Snowman Trio".
The weather is finally cooling down here with the highs in the low 70's and getting down to the 40's at night. Last night was the first night I had to put another blanket on the bed. I just love this weather.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching and have a great weekend

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Sugar Plum Fairy" Stocking Update

I was surprised at how quickly I was able to finish the bottom of the stocking (well almost finished). In the second picture (the close up of the bottom) you will notice that the Gingerbread Boy is missing. I had him almost finished and set him down so I could get a cup of coffee, when I got back to my chair he was gone. I have searched and searched for me but so far he hasn't turned up. I think he may have run away to Skrek's swamp to join his cousin Gingie. I think I have enough of scrap felt from the kit to make another one but will wait to see if he turns up.
"Sugar Plum Fairy" Stocking
Bottom of stocking

I now have 71 of 109 pieces done and will start on the "Fairy" now. Will be a while before the next update so stay tuned.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Monday, November 16, 2009

Snowmen, I just LOVE them

This will be a short update. Didn't stitch on anything but the "Snowman Trio" last week. I have just been obsessed by "Snowman" and looking through my stash for more of them to stitch.
"Snowman Trio - Chilly & Willy" finished

"Snowman Trio - Willy"

I can't wait to start on the last Snowman (really is Snowgirl) Milly but I have put them back in the WIP basket to work some on Maddie's Stocking. I should have a update on the stocking mid-week with any luck.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching and have a great week

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our 31st Anniversary

Most husband bring their wives flowers, candy, jewlery or something expensive on their Wedding Anniversary. Not mine, no not mine. Along with a really lovely card he got me two more frogs for our 31st Anniversary and I just love them. I can't believe that 31 years ago we were in Reno in the middle of a snow storm getting married. My brother (Tracy's best man) and our friends barly made it to Reno before the roads were closed and had to spend the night. That was the beginning of the best years of my life.

Girls Day Out

What a way to get rid of some stress, spend the day with a good friend chatting, shopping, eating and stitching. Nancy R and I meet for another day out on Wednesday and boy did we have a good time. We meet at Stitchers Paradise and all the stitching chairs were taken so we did a little shopping (we both were good girls and didn't spend, spend, spend) then decided we would go to lunch and then come back for stitching time. After a yummy lunch at a new dinner neither of us had tried we went by her new apartment to feed the cat and so I could see the new place. Back we went to the LNS to get some stitching time in and this time there was room for us. I worked on "Snowman Trio - Willy" and he is coming along nicely. I only have a few more rows of his body left to do then on to the white in his hat, his arms and the border. With any luck he should be finished by Friday. I did get the buttons called for and they are so cute and will really add the finishing touch to the project.

"Snowman Trio - Willy"
While we were looking around Nancy spotted some really beautiful ornaments that look like old fashioned Christmas Lights. They are done in Needlepoint with some really great speciality threads and the best part the charts are free. So now we will be venturing into the world of needlepoint, something I said I would never do again, guess I need to learn to never say never LOL.
Hope everyone is having a good week....mine sure has improved.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Finish and WIP's Update

I'm still not feeling up to par and will probably have to make an appointment to see the doctor soon. Even with feeling like crap (sorry about the language) I have done some stitching.

"Snowman Trio - Chilly" finished

"Snowman Trio - Willy"

I had originally planned putting my grandchildren's names on these but when I charted them out they just wouldn't fit and look right so that plan was scrapped. Then I thought I'd do 3 Flat folds with them and then decided I didn't want to do that either. Now I'm going to stitch all 3 on one piece of fabric and either do 1 large flat fold or a large no sew cube with them. I really believe I have become obsessed with this project since I can't put it away and work on anything else. I have more done on "Willy" since this scan and he is a real cutie but you'll have to take my word for it until I scan him again.

"Naughty" by Mill Hill

I also started "Naughty" for myself to go with "Nice" that I did for Tracy. It's almost 1/2 finished and I should get back to it real soon (If the snowmen will shut up and let me work on something else).
I should have one more day of quiet stitching then the week gets busy. Wednesday I'm meeting with Nancy at Stitcher's Paradise for a afternoon of stitching with the ladies there. I will be a good girl and leave my wallet at home except for the few $'s I need for lunch and to get the buttons for the "Snowman Trio". Thursday is our 31st Wedding Anniversary, boy time flies when you are having fun with your best friend. Not sure what we will do to celebrate and a lot depends on how I feel that day. Friday is going to be a long day out, Tracy has two doctors check-up's. One in the morning and one in the afternoon so we'll have to find something to do between the two appointments since it's really not time to come home between them. May just have to do some window shopping or find a nice quiet place where I can sit and stitch and he can read the paper.
I'll probably be kinda quiet the rest of the week. I've just started hosting a new exchange on my ILCS group and have become overwhelmed with the response so my attention will be on keeping that straight and stitching.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching and have a great week

Saturday, November 7, 2009

RAK'd Again

I'm not sure what I have done to be so lucky as to be RAK'd twice in two days. Emily from NC, a member of my ILCS group, sent me this WONDERFUL package.

Emily must know how much I love stitching Halloween and she included.....
Black Mill Hill beads, Orange overdyed floss by Needle Necessities, numerous charts from her calendar, "Icky & Spooky's Friends" by Mosey 'n Me, A kit to stitch a band and make a watch and another watch face and band so I will be able to make two new watches.. Tracy was watching me pull everything out of the envelope and we were both in shock and ohing and aweing together. I have many many wonderful stitching hours ahead of me and will have some great new decorations for next Halloween.

THANK YOU so much Emily! I think I'll need surgery to get the smile off my face.

Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Big Time RAK

I was so surprise when Tracy came in with the mail today and had a package for me. I was also very confused because I have been a good girl and not ordered anything. What could it be? I tore into the package and to my surprise I had been RAK'd big time by someone who didn't want me to know who she is. This is what I received......

Froggie Note cards

"Frogscornu" chart with the threads and buttons

Froggy State of Mind with fabric and threads
This sure made my day, week, month! I can't wait to do both charts and want to send a big "THANK YOU" to whomever sent this wonderful package. Wish I knew who you are so I could send a proper thank you.
Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching from a VERY happy camper

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm SO Spoiled

I've been having problems with my back again and spent most of the last week in bed. It was so bad last week that we had to skip the movie on "date night" and just went out for a light supper, coffee and some time playing the penny slots. To my amazement I even won for a change and Tracy won enough to pay for our evening out. Now on to be spoiled.....Tracy felt sorry for me and he came home with more snowmen for my collection. Aren't they the cutest things.
Soft and cuddly Snowman, Snowman Pail (will be great for holding chocolates), Frosty ornaments, 2 pairs of toe socks and PEZ dispenser with lots of Pez candies. Isn't he the sweetest DH in the world!

"Gingerbread House" Wizzer Ornament by Janlynn
Stitched on Brown Perforated Plastic with DMC
This is another of the ornaments I stitched while the computer took it's vacation. It was really fun to stitch but had LOT of backstitching to it.

With my back hurting and having to spend so much time in bed I really haven't got much stitching done but as my back improves I'll make up for it.

Snowman Trio "Chilly"
Poor "Chilly" had a visit from the frogs. I had his scarf stitched then found that it was one thread off. I really thought about just leaving it but just couldn't do it so out came the "stitch picker" and I took out the offending stitches. It won't take long to restitch that area.

"Pansy Sampler" SAL
I finished Band 10 (the little purple flower buds) and have started on the Kloster Blocks. Something about the stitching white on white really go to my eyes so I had to put it away until I've had some good sleep and then I can finish the blocks and start the cutting and needle weaving. I'm going to finish it as a needleroll so will have to get ribbon and lining fabric to match the colors.
I thought the eyes could use a rest so out came the "Naughty" ornament. Since it's done on 14 count perforated paper and I enlarged the chart to "Granny" size it really doesn't put any strain on the eyes.
Well that's it for me.....hope you have a great week!
Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching