Friday, February 29, 2008

NASCAR in Vegas

For those who don't already know, I'm a big racing fan. I spend my weekends stitching while watching the races. The NASCAR races are here in Vegas this weekend and yesterday there was a parade of the car haulers on the strip. Of course Tracy and I had to go see it. It was a beautiful warm sunny day and we sure enjoyed the parade.

After the parade we had lunch and then went to the M&M World store. They always have the cutest displays and fun stuff to look at. On the second floor there is a wall of M&M's in a multitude of colors. They sell these by the pound and you can get whatever color you want. Tracy got me a bag of Purple ones, and I got some black ones for my DD. Also got some things for the grandsons Easter bags I'm making up to send them. We then ventured on and did some tourist stuff and a little gambling (didn't win but had fun). Got home about 8 and was asleep at 9, guess the sunshine and warm weather really took it out of us old folks.
Until next time.........Happy Stitching

"Feathers" Update

I didn't get as much done on "Feathers" as I would have liked this week. I guess a little is better than none :o). I had another project called to me and I just had to start it but you'll have to wait to see that one.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I got this from Meari's Blog and thought it might be fun to do.

1. Where is your cell phone? On the computer desk
2. Your significant other? My DH Tracy who is also my Best Friend
3. Your hair? Very Long/brown and grey
4. Your mother?Passed away 29 years ago
5. Your father? Also passed 26 years ago
6. Your favorite thing? Cross Stitching
7. Your dream last night? Don't remember
8. Your favorite drink? Coffee/Iced Tea
9. Your dream/goal?To live closer to my Kid/Grandkids
10. The room you’re in? Living room
11. Your ex?He passed away
12. Your fear?Losing my DH
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? In Arkansas with my kids
14. Where were you last night? At Home
15. What you’re not? Outgoing
16. Muffins?Banana Nut
17. One of your wish list items? To have a grandaughter to go with the 2 grandsons
18. Where you grew up? In the country in N Calif
19. The last thing you did? Stitching
20. What are you wearing? Jammies
21. Your TV?27" Magnavox22. Your pet?My DH (hehehe)
23. Your computer?Compaq
24. Your life?Wonderful
25. Your mood? Happy
26. Missing someone? Yes, My grandsons
27 Your car?The City Bus
28Something you’re not wearing? Socks
29. Favorite Store? Don't have one, I hate to shop
30. Your summer? HOT!
31. Like someone? Like almost everyone
32. Your favorite colour? Purple/lavender
33. When is the last time you laughed? This morning
34. Last time you cried? When I got on the bus to come home from visiting the kids in Arkansas 35. Who will/would re-post this? No idea,but I want to know if you do so please leave me a comment!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Geo SAL Finish

This is the first of 6 designs that I'm doing as a SAL on two of my Yahoo groups. This one is called "Hearts and Flowers" and is stitched on 28 ct Cashel linen called Peachy Keen by Silkweavers. The floss is called Rainbows End by Dragon Floss. I love the way the colors came out, they remind me of Easter with all the pastels. I have a idea for the next one that will be a little more dramatic but will keep that under wraps for now :o)

Onward to "Eagle Feather" now. I sure hope I can get a start on the eagle and leave the oranges/reds of the sky for a while. I probably won't get much stitching in on Thurs but that's OK since it's not one of my SAL days. We will be going to the strip to see the parade of NASCAR trucks. The NASCAR races will be here in Vegas this weekend so we may even get to see some of the drivers.

Until next time......Happy Stitching

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another SAL Update

Santa Day SAL - NOEL

Another band of Red done and 2 left to go. I should have this done in another two weeks and then I'll rotate 2 projects on Fridays. I have a Just Nan Stocking to do for Tracy and I'll also work on Hinziet's 12 Days of Christmas.

Basket of Needle Rolls

This sits on my coffee table and I really enjoy looking at it and all the rolls I have completed so far. There are also 3 Biscornu's in the basket but they will have their own smaller basket as I complete more of them.

Blueberry Needle Roll WIP

Another project by the Sweetheart Tree. Several months ago I found a bunch of these on clearance at 123Stitch and purchased at least one of each. They are all older OOP charts and I felt lucky to find them. I sure wish they would do more but it seems Biscornu's have taken over and designers aren't doing the needlerolls much any more. I did make one change on it, the blueberry in the middle is a heart on the chart but I didn't have one so thought another blueberry would look good for a change.

Sunday SAL - "Queen of the Needle"

This last band (Band 8) seems like it's taking forever to do. There are so many color changes in all the little flowers I didn't think I'd ever get done what I did manage yesterday. I would have like to complete this band but with the overcast and rainy weather I just had to have a afternoon nap. I thought with the race going on I would get a lot done but even the race was cancelled due to the rain.

The weather has changed again and it's sunny and nice today so with the races on I'm sure I'll get a lot of stitching done today. I'm trying to finish up the Geo "Hearts and Flowers" and will do the back for it. With any luck I should be able to put it together tomorrow as a Biscornu.

Until next time.........Happy Stitching

Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Needle Roll

Birdhouse Roll by Shepherds Bush

I totally love these types of finishes. Needle Rolls, Biscornus, Scissor Fobs and Tin Toppers are so much fun to stitch and a nice quick finish. My basket of rolls is filling up fast and I have several more to do real soon. This one is a kit from Shepherds Bush. Their kits are so nice to do. Quality fabrics and more than enough floss and beads make for a fun stitch.

Until next time with more SAL updates..........Happy Stitching

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Noctural Stitcher

I think I have turned my internal clock around 180 degrees and become totally noctural. I'm finding myself staying up most of the night stitching and sleeping during the day. I guess this really isn't a problem since I have no children at home and Tracy (my DH) works nights. I have always been a night person and when I worked I loved the graveyard shift. I seem to get a lot more stitching done at night too and here is proof of that. I had amazing progress on "Feathers" and am so happy with it. I should be able to start on the Eagle next week.

Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hearts and Flowers Geo
This is my latest start. I'm doing this as a SAL on two Yahoo Groups. There are a total of six different designs and I want to do all six in differant color fabrics and floss. These colors are a really change for me. I usually like the more subdued shades in the overdyed floss but I do really like the effect on this one. It's stitched on 28ct Cashel Linen "Peachy Keen" by Silkweavers. The floss was sent to me as part of a birthday gift from Kelly and it's Dragon Floss called "Rainbows End.
Today was a really nice day. When Tracy got home from work at about 7:30am he told me to get dressed, we were going out for breakfast. I never turn down going out to eat and we did need to go to the post office to mail out some exchanges. After a yummy breakfast at IHOP we mailed the packages, did some grocery shopping and came home for a nap. Was really nice out, clear and warm but a front came in later in the day and clouded up and even snowed up on the mountain.
Will probably end up staying up late, watching movies and stitching. Just had to get "Feathers" out and start on it again.
Until next time........Happy Stitching

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Updated "Queen of the Needle"

Progress as of 2-18

I normally work on this on Sundays but not this week. Sunday was not a good stitching day for me. First while working on the Fan Stitch with the Perle Cotton I got almost to the end of the band and misplaced the Perle Cotton. OK I thought it will turn up and I'll just start the next band with the birds. All was going well until I discovered I had used the wrong shade of blue and had to frog all I had done on the first bird. At this point I was very upset with myself and decided to just set it aside for a while and see if I could get back on track later. I started on another project and nothing but problems with it too. At this point I was so discusted with my self I just took a nap. To make a long story short I didn't stitch anymore until today and things went much better as you can see. I have set a goal as to how much I want to get done each week and the goal has been meet so far. In fact I really enjoyed stitching it today and feel really good to be back on track.

The new project I started is a SAL of 6 Geometric designs that I'm going to make Biscornu's from. The first one is called "Hearts and Flowers" that I'm doing on a peach hand dyed cashel linen with a really bright and cheerful overdyed floss. I'll share a picture of it later when I get more done.

I hope you have a great week with good weather and lots of stitching time.

Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Saturday, February 16, 2008

SAL's Update

I did really well stick to my SAL schedule this week and feel really good about it. This is the closest I've ever come to having a rotation, It has really kept me from getting bored with any one project and let's me get that finishing fix and still have time to stitch for exchanges and gifts.
Wednesday - BAP's SAL
"Gift of the Eagle Feather"
I managed to get a lot more done on this. I am hoping by the end of the month I'll be stitching on the Eagle. Not sure it will be done by Tracy's birthday but he is really enjoying waching my progress on it.
Friday - Santa Day
The the red threads finally arrived, they had been backordered, and I got back to stitching on this. There are 3 more red bands to do and with any luck will be done the first part of March. I think my next Santa Day project will be "12 Days of Christmas" by Hinzeit. It has the most adorable charms.

Saturday - Small SAL
Just Nan's "12 Days of Christmas, Two Turtle Doves"
These truly fit the title of "Smalls". The designs are only 2 inches square but so much fun to stitch. I finished this one today. I had planned on doing one a month but will probably get them done a lot faste than that. Not sure if I'll do another next week or maybe do a small Biscornu.

"Birdhouse Roll" by Shepherd's Bush
I started the after finishing up the exchanges that will go out in the mail on Tuesday. It's a quick little needle roll that has a adorable Birdhouse Charm that goes on the post between the stitched birdhouses. There are two more stitched bands and a bit of lace left to do and I think it will be finished this week. I also have a order for Tuck Pillows to do this week so I'll be busy.
Tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be working on "Queen" again and watching the Daytona 500. Sure wish I could stitch as fast as they drive :o).
Hope you are having a good weekend. Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On A Roll

"Snowmen", "Christmas Candy" & "Friendship" Needle Rolls

I was busy today doing some finishing. I guess you could say I was on a roll, a needle roll. I had stitched both "Friendship" and "Christmas Candy", both by Shepherds Bush, last year and just needed to add the finishing touches to them. "Snowmen" by M Designs was my Saturday Smalls SAL project. I also finished the design for the International Women's Day exchange in my ILCS Yahoo group. I couldn't decide what color fabric I wanted to use for it so I stitched it twice, on different fabrics. Now I have to decide which I like better and will get it finished on Thursday.

I'm off to bed now for my 40 winks (probably will only get 20) so I can get some stitches in on "Feather" tomorrow (or is it today?).

Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Monday, February 11, 2008

Exchange Received

I received this adorable Door Hanger Pillow in todays mail. It came from Margaret and I think she did a amazing job on it. How she knew Chocolate Covered Cherries are a big time favorite in this household I'll never know but it sure fits both of us. In fact I have a box of them next to my stitching area right now. Thank you so much Margaret.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday SAL

What a day or I should say night. My sleep pattern is sooooo off. I'm finding myself staying up most of the night and then just napping during the day. While I'm sure it's not good for my health it makes for lots of stitching time. I'm really happy with the progress on "Queen". I managed to finish the Pansy band and get two more done. I love the way the pinks above and below the Pansies really make them stand out.
This afternoon I started another little project for another exchange. All I can tell you about it is that it is being stitched on 32count white linen with sparkles in it. Not sure if it's the fabric or my eyes but it's really slow going. I really need to get it done ASAP so I can get both exchanges in the mail this week.
Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Two Finishes

Just Nan's "12 Days of Christmas - Partridge in a Pear Tree"

This is my second finish in two days. I can't believe how fast it was to stitch. I'm really looking forward to doing the rest of the 11 days. The first finish I can't share yet as it's for a exchange and I don't want Margaret to see it until it arrives across the pond. I will say it was really a fun stitch and I enjoyed doing it for her.

Finally NASCAR is back (I'm a huge racing fan) and so Saturday and Sunday will be great stitching days here.....just hope my needle can go as fast as the cars.

Until next time with a update on "Queen"......Happy Stitching

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Traveling Freddy Frog Exchange

This is "Freddy Frog" and he left home yesterday on his way around the world, visiting members of the ILCS Yahoo Group. When each member receives him they will take the floss he has for them, make a note in Freddy's Journal, add some floss and send him on to the next person on the list. There are 55 stops in the exchange before he returns home to me. I think this is going to be a really fun time for Freddy and can't wait to read his journal when he returns home.

Valentine Exchange

I received this lovely exchange from Nancy J. She designed the card herself and I think it is just adorable. The box was fill with all kinds of goodies I will certainly enjoy.
I spent Monday and Tuesday looking for just the right design and started stitching for a Kitchen themed Door Pillow exchange. Got a lot done on it but can't share it until Margaret gets it, want it to be a surprise.
Today is BAP SAL day and I hope to get a lot more done on "Feather". I really like the SAL idea, sure keeps me on track with some projects I really want to get done.
Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Stitching

Snowmen Needle Roll by M Designs

This was slow going on Saturday. When this band is finished I only have two more to do then add the beads and finish into a roll. I hope I can get it finished this week Not sure what my next small project will be .... maybe another needle roll.

Queen of the Needle 2-3

Can't believe I didn't get the last band completed but between getting snacks ready and watching the Super Bowl that's all I got done.

Really enjoyed this years Super Bowl. Was really torn about which team to root for but the game was good. We always have our own little party that I make snacks for and this year was no different. The menu changes very little year to year. This year was Hot Cheese Dip (made in the crock pot with cheese and sausage), cheese, cold cuts, pickles, beets, olives, various chips and crackers and I made zuccuci bread. We both ate too much but sure enjoyed ourselves.

Today I have started a new project for a exchange. So far I think I like it and hope the person I'm doing it for will too. I have one more exchange to do and hope to start it also this week.

Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Santa Day SAL

"NOEL" from the Dec 2007 issue of The Cross Stitcher
Progress as of 2-1
I didn't get as much done on "Noel" as I wanted but some progress was made. I finished all the green stitching and got a little more red done over the "O". I will now be rotating this on Fridays with Just Nan's "12 Days of Christmas". I'm getting a late start on the 12 Days, I want to get at least one day done each month so I won't be stitching them all at the end of Nov in order to get them on the tree. One of these years I'll have a whole tree full of "12 Days" ornaments.
I really wanted a Carrot Cake for my birthday but the bakery at WalFart (I hate our WalFart store) just never had one so I had to make my own. I haven't baked a cake from scratch in years so wasn't sure if I even remembered how. After grating the carrots, mixing it all together I held my breath to see if how it would turn out. Success, DH said it was the best Carrot Cake he's ever had. I even did the cream cheese frosting from scratch and it was yummmmy too.
Today I'm working on the "Snowmen Needle Roll" and it's close to a finish. I had to order the beads for it and they should be here the first of the week so I can finish it next Saturday. I also have two more needle rolls I need to finish. One needs beads and the other is ready to put together, so I might get those done today. Tommorrow is "Queen" day and next week I need to get two projects done for exchanges, WOOHOO I get to start 2 new project.
Until next time......Happy Stitching