Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Updated "Queen of the Needle"

Progress as of 2-18

I normally work on this on Sundays but not this week. Sunday was not a good stitching day for me. First while working on the Fan Stitch with the Perle Cotton I got almost to the end of the band and misplaced the Perle Cotton. OK I thought it will turn up and I'll just start the next band with the birds. All was going well until I discovered I had used the wrong shade of blue and had to frog all I had done on the first bird. At this point I was very upset with myself and decided to just set it aside for a while and see if I could get back on track later. I started on another project and nothing but problems with it too. At this point I was so discusted with my self I just took a nap. To make a long story short I didn't stitch anymore until today and things went much better as you can see. I have set a goal as to how much I want to get done each week and the goal has been meet so far. In fact I really enjoyed stitching it today and feel really good to be back on track.

The new project I started is a SAL of 6 Geometric designs that I'm going to make Biscornu's from. The first one is called "Hearts and Flowers" that I'm doing on a peach hand dyed cashel linen with a really bright and cheerful overdyed floss. I'll share a picture of it later when I get more done.

I hope you have a great week with good weather and lots of stitching time.

Until next time.....Happy Stitching


Meari said...

Sorry you had a bad stitchy day, Rene. It looks good, though. I'm enjoying the progress.

sales said...

Do you just hate days like that. I am glad that you made good progress on it yesterday.

Nancy said...

I was actually thinking about you on Sunday while we were watching the race, knowing you were getting so much done!! I didn't know the little green guys were there. I guess it proves it can happen to the best of us! Looks great and will love to see the little biscornu photos!

EvalinaMaria said...

Your Queen of the Needle looks stunning despite all "weak" moments.

jlblake said...

Queen is looking good. I can't wait to see the next band.