Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two Finishes

Just Nan's "12 Days of Christmas - Partridge in a Pear Tree"

This is my second finish in two days. I can't believe how fast it was to stitch. I'm really looking forward to doing the rest of the 11 days. The first finish I can't share yet as it's for a exchange and I don't want Margaret to see it until it arrives across the pond. I will say it was really a fun stitch and I enjoyed doing it for her.

Finally NASCAR is back (I'm a huge racing fan) and so Saturday and Sunday will be great stitching days here.....just hope my needle can go as fast as the cars.

Until next time with a update on "Queen"......Happy Stitching


margaret said...

Cannot wait for the exchange to get here. Enjoy your racing and have fun

jlblake said...

Congrats on the two finishes. This little guy looks great and I'm sure Margaret's is just as lovely.

Nancy said...

Nice finish Rene! Another series.... and a Just Nan, imagine that!