Saturday, February 16, 2008

SAL's Update

I did really well stick to my SAL schedule this week and feel really good about it. This is the closest I've ever come to having a rotation, It has really kept me from getting bored with any one project and let's me get that finishing fix and still have time to stitch for exchanges and gifts.
Wednesday - BAP's SAL
"Gift of the Eagle Feather"
I managed to get a lot more done on this. I am hoping by the end of the month I'll be stitching on the Eagle. Not sure it will be done by Tracy's birthday but he is really enjoying waching my progress on it.
Friday - Santa Day
The the red threads finally arrived, they had been backordered, and I got back to stitching on this. There are 3 more red bands to do and with any luck will be done the first part of March. I think my next Santa Day project will be "12 Days of Christmas" by Hinzeit. It has the most adorable charms.

Saturday - Small SAL
Just Nan's "12 Days of Christmas, Two Turtle Doves"
These truly fit the title of "Smalls". The designs are only 2 inches square but so much fun to stitch. I finished this one today. I had planned on doing one a month but will probably get them done a lot faste than that. Not sure if I'll do another next week or maybe do a small Biscornu.

"Birdhouse Roll" by Shepherd's Bush
I started the after finishing up the exchanges that will go out in the mail on Tuesday. It's a quick little needle roll that has a adorable Birdhouse Charm that goes on the post between the stitched birdhouses. There are two more stitched bands and a bit of lace left to do and I think it will be finished this week. I also have a order for Tuck Pillows to do this week so I'll be busy.
Tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be working on "Queen" again and watching the Daytona 500. Sure wish I could stitch as fast as they drive :o).
Hope you are having a good weekend. Until next time.....Happy Stitching


Nancy said...

Fantastic progress on all of them. I am still trying to catch up with everyone since getting home last night, so still no stitching yet.....

sales said...

You have made great progress on all of your pieces. I really like the Just Nan small piece you did.

Meari said...

Very cool WIPs! (I feel like such a derelict with my meager progress on my snowman RR)

jlblake said...

You are doing such wonderful work, Rene. I wish my needle would fly like yours.