Saturday, May 31, 2008

Two Finishes and a New Start

The birthday girls have received their presents and now I can share what I stitched for them.

This is the needle roll I stitched for Deborah M. It is a free design from Dragonfly Stitches. It was designed to be done in two shades of blue but I made a few changes. It is stitched on 28 count Cashel Cinnabar by Silkweavers with a over dyed Mauve by Carries Creations. I used some beads for a little sparkle and added the charms. Deborah collects tea pots and cups so the charms added are 2 tea pots, a tea cup and a tea bag. Two of the charms are on the roll and the other two I attached to the ribbons.


For Kathy Kiely I stitched this free design from Chatelaine Designs. It is done on 32 count Opalescent Raw Linen with DMC and Krienik Metallic with lots of gold beads. I just love the little lady bug button I found for the center. Kathy loves her garden so I thought this design would fit her perfectly.

"Little Pink Houses"
When the fabric and threads arrived this week I just couldn't resist starting this needle roll. I'm doing it on 28 count Mint Green Cashel with Crescent Colours over dyed threads. It's a fairly simple design but I just love the colors and can't wait to get back to it next week.
I'm almost finished with another Biscornu for the exchange on ILCS. I had run out of thread for it but they arrived yesterday and I hope to have it finished tonight or tomorrow. As soon as my partner receives it I'll share a photo here.
Received some more fabrics and threads in the mail the last couple of days so there will be many more starts and hopefully a few more finishes.
Until next time......Happy Stitching

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Was RAK'ed

I had a great mail day!! Not only did I get the fabric I needed for ""Little Pink Houses" I received these two charts from Deborah Markham. I was so surprise and thrilled I'm sure they heard me across town when I opened the packages. Deborah and I had been talking about the Pincushion Ball and wondering how difficult it would be to do. Well now I know it's put together just like a Biscornu. I'll be ordering fabric and threads real soon so I can do both projects.

I'm so lucky !!
Until Next Time......Happy Stitching

New Stash

Last week was my week for new stash. I will be stitching several of these twice, once for me and once for that same person I did the Sweetheart Tree Biscornu's and fobs for. I really can't wait to get started on these. I just have to finish the Biscornu for the ILCS exchange and then I'll be "Queen of the Serial Starters" again.

I still waiting on fabric which had to be ordered for several of the projects but expect it any day now. Most of these designs use over dyed fibers and some are going to be done in silk. Watch for the updates on the starts.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Change in the Weather

This is what it looked like on Friday morning when we left to go to DH Tracy's doctors appointments. Hard to believe it was 108 (record high) on Monday and only 68 on Friday. There was even new snow on the mountain. It rained on and off all day with a little lighting and thunder. I wish this type of weather would continue but it will be back in the 90's by next weekend.

Playing Tourist
After the first doctors appointment we had some time to kill so off to the strip to play tourist. My favorite place to visit on the stip is the Consevatory at the Belliago. They change the display several times a year and this is the Summer display. I was very surprised it wasn't more crowded since it's the start of a holiday weekend but the lobby was filling up as we were leaving. This picture is from the entrance and I will have more pictures in my Webshots album later this weekend.
Stitching Update

No pictures of progress this time. I did finish a birthday gift for the ILCS Birthday exchange and have the second one almost done. I'll share what I did after they are received. I also got some stash in the mail on Thursday and am iching to get started on it but have to wait a bit for the fabric to arrive.

Until next tiem....Happy Stitching

Monday, May 19, 2008

IT's HOT ! ! !

I've never been a big fan of Summer and I'm sure not ready for it to start so soon. We had a record temp of 108 degrees today and here it is 8:30 pm and it is still 102. NOT FAIR, I want it to stay Spring until Fall. We are under a Excessive Heat Warning for today and tomorrow. I really need to go to WalFart for a new needle threader but probably will wait until 11 pm when the temp will be below 100 (I hope)

Sunday SAL

Band 14 start
I am finally on the last band of "Queen". I just love the stitching with Perle Cotton. I should have this done in 2 or 3 weeks and then will take it to have it framed. I'm thinking of 2 or 3 mats in shades of pink with a really nice frame for it. Will have to see what I can find. I've never used a framer here in Vegas and will probably go to the one by the LNS. The owner of the frame shop is a stitcher so I feel comfortable with them knowing how to handle stitching and they do all the models for the LNS and they are beautiful.
Until next time.....Happy Stitching week

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two Little Finishes

This was a good week for finishes for me. Both still need to be put together but the stitching is done. Here they are.....

This is the "NOEL Sampler" by The Prairie Schooler. It is a little free design that I did on Lambswool Linen with Crescent Colours thread. It is the same fabric and thread I used to do the "NOEL" that I'm going to make into a pillow. I wasn't sure how to finish it but someone suggested a little flat fold and I think I will try my hand at doing that.


Yesterday I finished stitching the "hop!" fob/needlecase by Just Nan. This one is for Deborah Markham and I'll start another one for myself sometime next week after I finish making this one into it's final form. I also need to finish off the matching tin so I can get them into the mail to her. These are limited edition kits and I am so lucky that Deborah found them, every place I looked was sold out and I had given up hope of being able to do them. The next in the series will be released in June and is called "sizzle" (sure fits our Summer weather here). Nan hinted in her newsletter what it will be, bees and ladybugs with really cute red ribbon. Can't wait to see that one.

Today is bump day qualifying for the Indy 500 so you can guess what I'll be watching while stitching on "Queen". It is just too hot to go out today, we are having record heat and it will be at least 103 today with it getting hotter as the week goes on. Grrrrrrrr I'm not ready for these temps yet.

Until next time......Happy Stitching

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beware of the Froggies

Warning....the froggies are out and stealing. Yes, they are no longer just attacking stitching they are taking supplies too. Today while I was working on "Feathers" those darn frogs stole 3 needles and 2 needle threaders. Do you think that maybe with all the floss they have gotten us to take out they are now taking up stitching on their own?

This is the progress I made on "Feathers" today. Still working on the sky on the right side and did make some progress. I can see the start of another cloud but I don't think there is any rain in sight.
Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stitching Done on SAL's

I actually got some stitching done on my SAL's this weekend. All was quiet on the home front so it gave me plenty of time to spoil myself with movies and stitching.

Friday - Santa Day SAL

I am almost half done with the "Charmed 12 Days". Will work on it again in two weeks since this Friday will be spent on "Christmas Soldiers" stocking.

Saturday - Smalls SAL

This is the start of "hop!" Needlecase Fob by Just Nan. It took me longer than I thought it would to do the outside border. It has a lot of over 1 stitches in it. I know the pansy looks upside down but will right itself when the piece is folded in half to make it a case. I should be close to a finish on this one next Saturday then I'll be doing it all over again for myself.

Sunday - Just Nan SAL

"Queen" is really close to taking her throne. I finished Band 13 today and there is only 1 more to do. The last band is a large one (similar to the top band) and will probably take a couple of weeks to complete. It should be all finished by the end of the month. The bottom picture is of Bands 11,12 and 13. Several people said they wanted to see them close up so here they are. If you want to see a larger picture of the complete piece you can see it in my Webshots album (link in the sidebar).
I'll be working on several projects I can't share yet; Biscornu for a exchange on my ILCS group and 2 Birthday gift. I know the people these are for read my blog so will keep them under wraps for now.
Hope you have a great week with lots of stitching....Until next time....Happy Stitching

Friday, May 9, 2008

First Finishes in May

"Cherry Blossom" Biscornu and Fob
by The Sweetheart Tree
Well I finally finished the "Cherry Blossom" set. I love the way the fabric sparkles but I sure struggled working on it. It will be on it's way to it's new home along with the "Rhodes Butterfly" set on Monday. I will be doing another set of each of them for myself sometime real soon.
For Santa Day today I'm working on "Charmed 12 Days" and tomorrow I'll work on "hop!"
Until next time....Happy Stitching

Thursday, May 8, 2008

DH Doing Better

Today was Tracy's follow-up appointment at the doctor. I just don't understand why this grown man can't go to the doctor alone, he wanted me to go with him so I did. Of course they checked everything again; weight, BP and even ran a EKG. His diet and meds must be working...WOO HOO. BP is out of the danger range, still high but coming down. Doctor wants it checked again in 5 days when he goes back for some lab work. He lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks (if I don't grow gills, start clucking or delivering eggs like a bunny from all the fish, chicken and rabbit food otherwise called salad I'll be shocked). His back is getting better slowly but at least some progress there too. Again I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers and good wishes, they have sure helped.

I hope to have a stitching update in the next day or two.....Until then, Happy Stitching

Monday, May 5, 2008

Look What I Got

In my ILCS group we had a "Affordable Floss" Exchange. Had to be a special thread (no regular DMC or Anchor) and you could spend more than $10 US. I todays mail I received these 6 skeins of "Dragon Floss" from Kelly Smith. She had sent me some in January for my birthday and knew how much I enjoyed stitching with them. They are 100% cotton but have the feel of silk. What a bunch of pretty colors with really fun names like "Swinging Sixties", "Dragon's Breath", "New Era". Thank you so much Kelly, I'll think of you with every stitch I take with them.
Until next time....Happy Stitching

Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Queen" Update

I finally finished Band 11 and stitched Band 12. I love the Strawberries and flowers in this band but my favorite part is the little ladybugs stitched 1 over 1. I really want to have this done by the end of the month and just might make it since there are only 2 bands left to do but the last one is like the top band and will take more than one Sunday to do.
I started another Biscornu but can't share that with you yet as it is for a exchange in my ILCS yahoo group. I will say that it is something different, really dramatic I think, and I'm happy with it so far. Along with the Biscornu I plan on working on "Cherry Blossom" Biscornu and get it along with the fob done this week. I'll then put time in on "hop!". Going to be a busy stitching week I think.
Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Friday, May 2, 2008

"Feathers" Update

I spent some time working on "Feathers" on Wednesday. The sky goes all the way across the fabric now. It is too wide to fit in the scanner and get a full picture so this was taken with my camera and the colors aren't as good but you get the idea of what I have done.
Today (or is it yesterday now) I spent some time on finishing up some mini Biscornu's. I had started these several weeks ago and just put them away for a while. I'm going to get the 3 of them put together and ready to go out as RAK's and presents before starting on the "hop!" Fobs and finishing the tins. Should have something to show you by Saturday.
Until next time.....Happy Stitching