Friday, July 30, 2010

Date Night

Tracy and I decided to brave the heat for our monthly Date Night and boy are we glad we did. What a fun time we had. We have wanted to try this restaurant for a long while but just hadn't made it there until now. I grew up on the North coast of California where fresh seafood was something we took for granted, who would have thought I could find a taste of home in the desert of Nevada. (Sorry the pics are a little dark but I took them as we were leaving and the sun was almost down)

Not only was the food wonderful it was a really, really fun place with great service. They used newspaper for place mats, no little whimpy dinner napkins, there was a much needed roll of paper towels, and even bibs to keep the melted butter off your shirt.

The decor was so much fun too look at and there was something different in every nook and cranny. The Shrimp boat was at our booth and the shark was hanging in the next dinning area. The whole place was lit with strings and strings of Christmas lights. We were surprised when there was a change in the music, a multi colored disco type ball started spinning and the the waitresses and waiters started dancing a conga line. So much fun to clap along with them and watch them circle the restaurant. There was also a lady doing balloon figures for the kids. These weren't your normal balloon figures, I watched for about 5 minutes as she did a mermaid for a little girl. It was truly amazing as she used different colored balloons, a red for long hair, pink for the face and body and of course green for the tail. At that point I wanted to be a little girl again so I could have a mermaid too.
What a fun place that we will be returning to again real soon! I really paid for the good time today with swollen feet and legs but Tracy made me sit all day with my feet up and they are almost back to normal tonight.
Until next time....Happy Stitching and have a Great weekend

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Stitching Update and stuff

It's still 10 degrees hotter than Hades here in the desert Southwest. I can't wait for the cooler weather of Fall but don't think it's ever going to get here. Tracy and I are going to brave the heat tonight for "Date Night". There is a seafood restaurant we've never been to we want to try and maybe even a stop off at Starbucks for a Frappicino (date night is not complete without a visit to Starbucks).

With all this heat I've become a shut-in with lots of sleeping and stitching. Last week I finished two ornaments and started another.


"Partridge in a Pear Tree" by Glory Bee
from the 2010 JCS Ornament Preview Issue
stitched on 32 count Linen with DMC
This was a quick one to stitch and lots of fun to do. It's small, only a little over 2x2". I hope they have a cute companion for it in the ornament issue due out later this year.

"Red House in Winter" by LHN
stitched on 28 ct Creme Cashel with
DMC and Crescent Colours
I love the housed done by LHN and this is one of my favorites. I probably should have used a darker fabric so the white would have shown up better but I do like it as is. I have all but the last two releases and still need to stitch most of them. I hope to get caught up with them by mid-Aug but don't hold me to that date LOL


"Pear Tree" by LHN
Of course with a finish I get a new start! This is the second in the series of Ornaments of the Month and I LOVE it! If we aren't out too late tonight I should have it finished by the weekend and then on the next one. I still need to get to the LNS for some beads and buttons and also for the charts I don't have yet.
Time to get close to the a/c again before I melt.
Until Next Time.....Happy Stitching and hope you are keeping cool

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Long Awaited Happy Dance

I have two finishes to share with you....

"No Frog Zone"

Stitched on 32 count Linen with DMC

This is the adorable chart that Graceann sent me. It had no color picture with it so I wasn't sure just how it was going to look but I think it came out really cute. As soon as I get to JoAnn's for some batting I'm going to make it into a "no sew" cube to sit on my desk.

And now for the biggie.....

This evening I finally finished "A Quaker Christmas" WOO HOO

"A Quaker Christmas" by By Gone Stitches

Stitched on 36 count Lambswool Linen with

Crescent Colours. Stitched 1 over 2

Started 12/23/09 finished 7/18/10

I can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can get it to the framers. Since this is for my sweet Tracy I'd love to have it framed by his birthday next month.

My next big project will be "Friends in Stitches" that Mel sent me. Just need to separate the threads and then I can get to work on it. I may do a few more smalls too.

Going to keep this short so I can get back to stitching so.....
Until Next Time......Happy Stitching

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get Well and Thank You Gifts

I forgot to add these to my previous post but then they deserve a post of their own. I received 3 wonderful gifts in the mail.
"Friends" by Victoria Sampler
Mel L sent me this wonderful chart and the threads to stitch it are on their way to me. With my limited time on the computer I had not even seen it's release and when I went to the LNS for the fabric they hadn't gotten it yet. I was so excited to receive such a wonder get well gift it really did make me feel like a million dollars, not just the beautiful chart but to know that so many were thinking of me while I was ill.
As a thank you gift RaeAnn sent me this adorable chart. It has everything needed to stitch the design including threads and fabric. I had lent her a chart and this was included when she returned it.
From Graceann I got the cutest froggie chart. It doesn't have a picture of the finished project so you will have to wait a couple of weeks to see it.
Thank you so much ladies for remembering me, you have really touched my heart.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Finally a Update

I can't believe it's been over a month since last I posted to my blog. With great improvements to my health issues I should get back to regular postings (or I hope so). My blood glucose leveling off and the back issues much improved I'm almost back to normal. I'm still sleeping alot but I think that is because the heat just wipes me it almost Winter?


I am so excited about AQC. Pages 1-5 are now done as well as part of page 6. Not much more to go on it before the finish. I had set a couple of goals that were not met so I just decided it will be done when it's done. You can click on the picture to see more detail.

During our Virtual Stitch In on Sat July 3 I not only worked on AQC but pulled Winter Wingding out of the WIP basket. I did change things up a little and stitched the snowflake with Petite Treasures instead of regular floss. With any luck this will be done sometime this winter but I'm not holding my breath. I did work on a couple of other pieces but didn't scan them yet and since one is a gift I can't share it yet.

I love the LHN monthly ornaments and have all the ones released so far but am so far behind on stitching them. I did do more on FaLaLa and then discovered a BIG goof that needs frogging. I'm not sure if I frog it or just start over.


I did finish the stitching on Needle and Thread by LHN but have not attached it to the mattress for a finish. This was really fun to stitch even when the frogs attacked.

Good Ol Summertime....

As you can see Maddie likes the summer much more than her Granny. She is a real water baby and loves getting wet. Her favorite is getting in the pool and playing with her Dad and Brothers.
I hear my pillow calling so I better head off for some sleep.
Until Next Time (which won't be a month away)....Happy Stitching and keep cool