Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get Well and Thank You Gifts

I forgot to add these to my previous post but then they deserve a post of their own. I received 3 wonderful gifts in the mail.
"Friends" by Victoria Sampler
Mel L sent me this wonderful chart and the threads to stitch it are on their way to me. With my limited time on the computer I had not even seen it's release and when I went to the LNS for the fabric they hadn't gotten it yet. I was so excited to receive such a wonder get well gift it really did make me feel like a million dollars, not just the beautiful chart but to know that so many were thinking of me while I was ill.
As a thank you gift RaeAnn sent me this adorable chart. It has everything needed to stitch the design including threads and fabric. I had lent her a chart and this was included when she returned it.
From Graceann I got the cutest froggie chart. It doesn't have a picture of the finished project so you will have to wait a couple of weeks to see it.
Thank you so much ladies for remembering me, you have really touched my heart.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching


Kathryn in NZ said...

Have been thinking of you and sending vibes...
keep stitching and getting better, okay?

Emily said...

Such nice gifts. Stay inside and get better.

Carolyn NC said...

Lovely gifts! Be sure and rest!

Jo said...

They're lovely charts. Your AQC is absolutely fantastic.

Mickymar said...

I have always felt that anything handmade or stitched is from the heart and is meant to be special. The kits you have received are very nice. Stitching has always made my aches and pains go away, I hope the same for you.

Get Well Gift Baskets

htimcj said...

That is a really pretty pattern!

MaryT said...

Really nice gifts Rene, Hope you're back to feeling as perky as ever. Love the Quaker piece that you're doing too. I think that the heat has everyone whipped out and it isn't only here in the US Had an email from a friend in Germany and Croatia and they're having the high heat too.

Mel said...

So glad you love the gift Rene. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to your blog. crazy weeks.

I do hope you are feeling better! Or as good as you can.