Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flat Fold Class

Our ILCS Yahoo Group had a wonderful class taught by one of the Mods, Meari. She is such a good and patient teacher with very clear photos and instructions. This is my second attempt at a Flat Fold (still need to add the trim to my first one). I had stitched this piece earlier in the year and was just waiting for the class to make it into a flat fold.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Tiny Project

"Coq Au Pins" Needle Nanny
This is what I did on Monday. Who would guess something so small would take so long to stitch. It is only 1 1/2 inches wide and 1 inch tall. I have a kit to finish it into a Needle Nanny and will do that tomorrow (really today) after my eyes have had a rest. It is stitched 1 over 1 on a 28 count linen I found in my stash. Not sure what the color is but it looks more gray green. I used Dragon Floss "Midnight Mist" for it. Now I'm going to do the matching scissor fob and the two of them will be a Birthday gift for someone in Aug. I have 3 birthdays to stitch for in Aug and I better get busy on them so I'm not late.
I would also like to say a BIG Thank You to everyone who has left comments on my blog. I started it just to track my stitching progress but all the comments have really helped me keep going on some of the projects when I just think they are standing still.
Until next time....Happy Stitching


By luck of the draw I will be sending something to the following people:


Now you need to PIF by posting in your blog the rules and then selecting 3 people to send something to in the next year. Please send me your snail mail address to and sometime when you least expect it a package will arrive at your doorstep.

Thank you Meari for starting this and choosing me to receive a PIF from you.

Weekend Stitching

I finally got the threads I needed for "Pansies Please" and was able to get the first two squares done. I am way behind in this SAL and will have to find some hot needles to catch up.
"Pansies Please" by Just Nan
It seems whenever I get bored or tired of changing threads, out comes the "Hen". For some reason this design is very relaxing to stitch. I'm not sure if it's because of the colors or the repeating patterns but I love to stitch on it.

"Coq Au Pins" Hen Pincushion
Not a lot of stitching done but every little bit is progress. Today I started another part of "Coq Au Pins", the needle minder and I'll post more about that a little later.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Fun, S.E.X. and A Date

My weekend is a little different than most. Since DH Tracy's days off are Thursday and Friday, that is our weekend. This was a busy but fun one for us.


First the mail came with my order from 123 Stitch. Now I have the beads to finish the magnet for the exchange, the threads for the "Chicken" and the first two of the Lizzie Kate Christmas double Flip It's.

Then we were on our way for our shopping trip. First stop was for a YUMMMMY lunch at Marie Calender's. We haven't been there since we left Calif and the prices have gone up but the food was really worth it. I don't think I'll eat for another week (or at least til we go out tomorrow for the Cardiologist appointment).

Next we weren't sure where the Super JoAnn's was so we got off the bus where I thought it might be....I was wrong but there was a Border's Books so not a totally wasted stop. We puttered around in there and I found some cute birthday cards but they had NO xs magazines. The cashier knew where the JoAnn's was and so we knew we were going in the right direction.

The LNS was our next stop. I really do love going there, the ladies are so nice and helpful. Spent more than I had planned but that was Tracy's fault. Got the Perle Cotton so I can finish the scissor case that is done on the gold. Found the next 3 months of the Lizzie Kate Stamps and Tracy wanted to know if I had them all, nope still needed 3 months, he told me to go ahead and get them now so I would have the whole set. Then he wanted to know if I needed any threads for them. Ok by this time I'm feeling guilty about spending since I know I need some DMC from JoAnn's. I got 5 of the Weeks I needed for the next month and will get the rest a few at a time. Of course I had to look at the Shepherds Bush Needle Rolls and they had the new Halloween one and he told me not to wait and get it too. What a guy.

Back on the bus we went to find JoAnn's . It is located in a big shopping center with lots and lots of neat stores. The only thing I wanted that wasn't there is Starbucks.
This is the first time I've been to this JoAnn's and it is a very nice one. They were out of a couple of the colors of DMC I need to fill in the holes to make my set complete (I probably have them anyway in projects already in progress). I found some cute items for birthday packages and the pins for the Sizzle pinwheel. I have a passion for cute buttons and found some on sale and the ones that weren't I had a coupon for.

Someone on the group had mentioned using the plastic type envelopes that you can get at Office supply stores so we stopped in Office Depot to check them out. Found those on sale also so decided I'd get some to try. I'll never go back to the zip lock baggies now. They are great. I'll be going back to get more that's for sure.

Friday.....Our Date

DH Tracy had a appointment at the Cardiologists for a follow up on the CT Scan. They did find a small blockage in his heart and some nodules in the lungs but neither are in a spot that anything can be done about. The doctor said they really aren't bad and nothing to worry about at this time. He is have another CT Scan in 6 months to make sure they are no worse and just to keep a watch. He lost another 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks so he is doing OK with the slow weight loss. The doctor was very happy with his BP, it is way down now so that's one less worry.

Everything going good with the doctor's report and we are very happy until it's time to get back on the bus.....then the Klutz in me comes out. I pulled a real blunder and as the bus was approaching I fell flat on my face. Of course I struggled to get up and the bus drove right by us but did stop a few feet ahead. What a rude driver on that bus, I thanked her for stopping and all she said was "You should have been at the stop", like she didn't see me trying to get up....grrrrrr. My knee was killing me so we decided to not go far and stopped for Lunch at Applebee's and
to see how bad I hurt myself. Lunch was sooooooo yummy, a California Salad with Shrimp, Avocados on a bed of greens. After lunch my knee felt OK so it's time to head to Fremont St. for a movie.

We had some time to kill before the movie so stopped at Starbucks for a cold drink. It was very pleasant sitting on their patio just people watching and sipping our drinks. If you haven't seen Mama Mia yet I highly suggest it as a must see. Tracy usually doesn't like musicals but even he enjoyed this one and I'm sure we will go back to see it again. We both left the theater with smiles on our faces.

It was still early when the movie was over so we decided we would have a light dinner and maybe even play the slots a little. True to form I lost and he won. In fact he won enough to cover my losses, the movie tickets and dinner.

Now I'm going to spend the rest of what is a normal weekend for most just stitching, watching NASCAR and resting up from all the fun.

For those of you who responded to PIF I will post a update a little latter today or tomorrow.

Until next time....Happy Stitching

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WIP Update

I have spent the past couple of days on two projects. First is a magnet for a exchange in my ILCS group. I can't share a picture of that one with you yet but will as soon as my partner receives it. I still have a little backstitching to do on it and then as soon as the beads I ordered arrive it will be finished and winging it' s way across the pond.

The second project I've been working on is the "Hen Pincushion" from the "Coq Au Pins" set. Again I'm waiting on a order of thread for this one. It's almost half done now and am really anxious to get the threads so I can finish the hen and get on to the other parts of the set.

"Coq Au Pins" Hen
Tonight I finally have gotten back to working on finishing "Queen of the Needle". I would love to have it done so I can take it across town to the framers. I have never used this frame shop but the owner is also a stitcher and I have seen the amazing work they do. This will probably cost a arm, leg and first born child to get done but after stitching on it for 6 months I think it will be worth it.
Until Next Time when I announce the PIF winners......Happy Stitching

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RAK Received

Boy was it worth the walk to pick up the mail today. I received this wonderful package from Gayle. It contained the most adorable, fluffy white hand towel with a Frog on it. Isn't he the cutest!!! Also in the package was a chart by Barbara Ann Designs called "Wanted". I will have to get this stitched ASAP as I want it to be my next Flat Fold.

THANK YOU so much really made my day!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Waiting Room Project

With all of DH Tracy's doctor appointments I tried to find a project I could work on while waiting. I guess I'm getting to set in my ways and found it difficult to stitch out of my comfort zone at home. I decided maybe if I tried a project that didn't require color changes and constant check of the pattern I would be able to get some stitching done. This is the project that worked for me. It is done on 6 different colors of 28 count Cashel Linen with Dinky Dyes silks. The outline of the parts that make up the ball are done with DMC Perle Cotton. The following pictures show the cover of the chart, the fabric with just the outline done and the first 3 completed pieces. I still have to add the beads in the centers of the flowers but I'll do that when I have all 6 pieces stitched. I think this will be a challenge to put together but fun at the same time.

Patchwork Garden Pincushion Ball
by Twisted Oaks Designs

Until next time....Happy Stitching

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Finish, A WIP and I Feel Old

Mini Biscornu
stitched on 28ct White Opalescent with Dinky Dyes Silk
I just love thes Baby Biscornu's from the Floss Box. I had stitched this one (and 2 more) some time ago and just got this one put together. I think I'm going to have to find a little tiny basket for the babies.
"sizzle" Tin Top
Got a lot done on this today. I hope to have it finished in the next day or two and then will put it and the "hop" tins together as well as the pin wheel.
I feel OLD today. It's my baby boy's birthday!! I guess he isn't a baby anymore since he turned 26 today but he will always be my sweet Baboo. This is the first year he hasn't been at home for his birthday and I sure miss him.
The next couple of posts are the rest of what I have been up to stitching wise. Also if you haven't left a comment on my PIF post and would like to have something from me (it probably will be something stitched just for you) please leave a comment there with your name before Monday.
That's about it for tonight, Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Pansies Please Start

While chatting with Kelly on Monday she convinced me to start "Pansies Please". OK, I'm a week and a day late but it's started. I will try to work on it each Sunday. This is one of my favorite designs in my stash and look forward to adding some color this week.

Pansies Please by Just Nan

Stitched on 28ct Raw Cashel Linen w/DMC


Next to Frogs I think my favorite is Chickens and Roosters (but I like ladybugs and bees too). So this adorable set was a must stitch for me. When completed the set will include a Chicken Pin Cushion, Scissors Pocket, Fob and Needle Nanny. I have completed stitching one Scissor Pocket but need some Perle Cotton to finish it (don't have the right color in my stash). The picture below the Scissor Pocket is the start of the Chicken Pin Cushion.
Scissor Pocket
Stitched on Silkweavers Cashel with
Dinky Dyes Desert Sand

Chicken Pin Cushion
being stitched on Starlight Blue hand dyed Joblean
with WDW Love

Monday, July 14, 2008


I was one of the luck winners of a PIF (Pay It Forward) on Meari's blog. Now it's my turn to pick who I will send something to. If you would like to receive something from me there are just a couple of things you must do. First leave a comment here (be sure to sign your name to the comment). Then you must PIF within the next 365 days. If more than 3 people comment I will draw 3 names. I will announce the results next Monday. Thanks Meari for picking my name.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Little Pink Houses" Construction Finished

"Little Pink Houses" Needle Roll
"Little Pink Houses" Stitching

I have decided it is time to get some of those nagging WIP's finished and out of the basket. I started "Little Pink Houses" last month and finished it and made it into a needle roll today. This is a chart by M Designs and part of the proceeds from it go to Breast Cancer research. I stitched it on 28 count Mint Green Cashel Linen with the Crescent Colours called for in the chart. It came out a little fat but I do think it is really cute. Now on to work on another one and hopefully a finish real soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another Finish

Lizzie Kate "August" Stamp

I LOVE sunflowers so this design just screamed at me to do it now. It was a real fun one to do on 28 count Lt Mocha Cashel with DMC, Carries Creations and Crescent Colours. I just love the little buttons that come with the charts. I'll be starting the Sept Stamp real soon.
DH Tracy had two doctors appointments this week. Thursday was to get the results of the colonoscopy (sp). He got a clean bill of health there except for some acid reflux found. NO signs of cancer and he doesn't have to have that done again for 5 years. Friday he had the CT scan of his heart. I don't remember if I mentioned that the doctor saw what he thought was a minor blockage durning the stress test so the CT was to see if there is a blockage or if it was just a shadow. We will find out more in two weeks. I did get some stitching done while waiting but was totally wiped out by the heat when we got home.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"sizzle" Pin Wheel

Finish the stitching for the back of the pin wheel. It should be a easy one to put together but still need to find the "pins" for it. I've started stitching the matching Tin top and it should be done in a couple of days.
Until next time.....Happy Stitching

Floss Organized

I have finally finished organizing my DMC floss. The only thing left to do is label each box with what it contains. Below are the pictures of my system.

Boxes of floss
The snack size baggies in box

Each color has it's own baggie with a 3x5 index card for notes on which project the floss was pulled for.
Now to get all the charts and kits in order and filed away but that is a project for another day, week or more likely month.

Monday, July 7, 2008

What a week

The week started off good but went downhill fast. I spent Monday and Tuesday stitching a little and working on getting my DMC floss better organized. After the clearance sale on floss at WalFart last year I decided no more bobbin winding for me. I had sorted all the new floss into snack size baggies and put into plastic shoe box size plastic boxes. While this was a good idea it was a pain to find the colors I wanted. I got the bright idea that each color should have it's own baggie and labeled. I printed labels off the computer with the number of the floss and the color. I had almost finished the 900's when disaster hit.

I got up early Wednesday morning to find Tracy sitting at the computer saying it won't do anything. WHAT? It was fine when I went to bed. Well I have no idea what he did but sure enough the computer was DEAD! After trying everything I knew to do it still wouldn't load Windows. I knew I had the recovery disks but sure didn't want to use them and lose everything I had. Talked to a couple of people but no solutions found. Thursday we had to leave early for a trip to the clinic for Tracy to have blood work and then across town for another test before his CT scan that is scheduled for this week. I just couldn't get the dead computer off my mind and finally decided to just bite the bullet and use the disks (note to self.....back up data and pictures so they aren't lost again). We arrived home HOT and tired but determined to get the computer up and running again. I started the recovery and WOO HOO they worked. Now to get back online again and see what I had missed. Try to sign on to the Internet and no modem. WHAT? The computer can not find a modem. Well I guess we need a new one, so off the WalFart we go. I can not tell you how much I HATE WalFart.....they don't have 1 modem on the shelves and the clerk had no idea what I was looking for. After being gone most of the day Thursday I had planned on staying home and stitching away the weekend but the best laid plans of mice and men go astray. We got out of the house early Friday morning (before it got too hot) in search of a modem. Finally we got the last one at Best Buy and Tracy felt so sorry for me he took me to breakfast at IHOP before boarding the bus to head home. Finally got the modem installed and back online. Now I can finish my labels for the baggies and get back to stitching.

Lizzie Kate July Stamp

After looking at the Lizzie Kate Monthly Stamps at the LNS the last couple of times I was there I decided I really do want to do them. I have 6 of the charts now and will get the last 6 next month. I started with the July Stamp and really enjoyed stitching it. It is done on 28 count Light Mocha Cashel with DMC and Carries Creations. I changed the seeds in the watermelon from white floss (seeds aren't white) to black beads. Not sure if I'm going to make a little tuck pillow for it or just make it into a pillow. Can hardly wait to do the August Stamp with the Sunflowers.

New Start......

Just Nan "sizzle!" Pinwheel
One of the good things I received this week was the Just Nan Limited edition Over the Top "sizzle!" Tin and Pinwheel kits. This is the first side of the pinwheel. I just love the little bee's and ladybug's. What a fun one to stitch and should be a easy finish too. I hope to have the second side done today and then on to the tin top. I still have to put together the "hop!" tin and fob so looks like this will be a week for finishing.
I also worked on my L&L SAL "Celtic Spring" but found a major boo boo so will be doing some frogging before posting a update on her.
Until next time....Happy Stitching