Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Fun, S.E.X. and A Date

My weekend is a little different than most. Since DH Tracy's days off are Thursday and Friday, that is our weekend. This was a busy but fun one for us.


First the mail came with my order from 123 Stitch. Now I have the beads to finish the magnet for the exchange, the threads for the "Chicken" and the first two of the Lizzie Kate Christmas double Flip It's.

Then we were on our way for our shopping trip. First stop was for a YUMMMMY lunch at Marie Calender's. We haven't been there since we left Calif and the prices have gone up but the food was really worth it. I don't think I'll eat for another week (or at least til we go out tomorrow for the Cardiologist appointment).

Next we weren't sure where the Super JoAnn's was so we got off the bus where I thought it might be....I was wrong but there was a Border's Books so not a totally wasted stop. We puttered around in there and I found some cute birthday cards but they had NO xs magazines. The cashier knew where the JoAnn's was and so we knew we were going in the right direction.

The LNS was our next stop. I really do love going there, the ladies are so nice and helpful. Spent more than I had planned but that was Tracy's fault. Got the Perle Cotton so I can finish the scissor case that is done on the gold. Found the next 3 months of the Lizzie Kate Stamps and Tracy wanted to know if I had them all, nope still needed 3 months, he told me to go ahead and get them now so I would have the whole set. Then he wanted to know if I needed any threads for them. Ok by this time I'm feeling guilty about spending since I know I need some DMC from JoAnn's. I got 5 of the Weeks I needed for the next month and will get the rest a few at a time. Of course I had to look at the Shepherds Bush Needle Rolls and they had the new Halloween one and he told me not to wait and get it too. What a guy.

Back on the bus we went to find JoAnn's . It is located in a big shopping center with lots and lots of neat stores. The only thing I wanted that wasn't there is Starbucks.
This is the first time I've been to this JoAnn's and it is a very nice one. They were out of a couple of the colors of DMC I need to fill in the holes to make my set complete (I probably have them anyway in projects already in progress). I found some cute items for birthday packages and the pins for the Sizzle pinwheel. I have a passion for cute buttons and found some on sale and the ones that weren't I had a coupon for.

Someone on the group had mentioned using the plastic type envelopes that you can get at Office supply stores so we stopped in Office Depot to check them out. Found those on sale also so decided I'd get some to try. I'll never go back to the zip lock baggies now. They are great. I'll be going back to get more that's for sure.

Friday.....Our Date

DH Tracy had a appointment at the Cardiologists for a follow up on the CT Scan. They did find a small blockage in his heart and some nodules in the lungs but neither are in a spot that anything can be done about. The doctor said they really aren't bad and nothing to worry about at this time. He is have another CT Scan in 6 months to make sure they are no worse and just to keep a watch. He lost another 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks so he is doing OK with the slow weight loss. The doctor was very happy with his BP, it is way down now so that's one less worry.

Everything going good with the doctor's report and we are very happy until it's time to get back on the bus.....then the Klutz in me comes out. I pulled a real blunder and as the bus was approaching I fell flat on my face. Of course I struggled to get up and the bus drove right by us but did stop a few feet ahead. What a rude driver on that bus, I thanked her for stopping and all she said was "You should have been at the stop", like she didn't see me trying to get up....grrrrrr. My knee was killing me so we decided to not go far and stopped for Lunch at Applebee's and
to see how bad I hurt myself. Lunch was sooooooo yummy, a California Salad with Shrimp, Avocados on a bed of greens. After lunch my knee felt OK so it's time to head to Fremont St. for a movie.

We had some time to kill before the movie so stopped at Starbucks for a cold drink. It was very pleasant sitting on their patio just people watching and sipping our drinks. If you haven't seen Mama Mia yet I highly suggest it as a must see. Tracy usually doesn't like musicals but even he enjoyed this one and I'm sure we will go back to see it again. We both left the theater with smiles on our faces.

It was still early when the movie was over so we decided we would have a light dinner and maybe even play the slots a little. True to form I lost and he won. In fact he won enough to cover my losses, the movie tickets and dinner.

Now I'm going to spend the rest of what is a normal weekend for most just stitching, watching NASCAR and resting up from all the fun.

For those of you who responded to PIF I will post a update a little latter today or tomorrow.

Until next time....Happy Stitching


Meari said...

Glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly when you fell, Rene (sounds like something *I* would do). The rest of your shopping sounded like so much fun!

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful time (well, except for the stop, drop and roll maneuver...ouch.) So glad you weren't severely hurt, but hoping you aren't too sore. Glad DH is doing well, too. Now - can't wait to see the stitching updates!

Shannon said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! (Except for the fall, hope your knee is okay) I'm happy to hear about how well your husband is doing. :o)

Gabi2111 said...

Sounds you and your husband had a great weekend. What a great guy he is that he supports your hobby so much. And I hope your knee is ok.

Terry said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun except for the fall. Hope the knee is feeling better and that you have no lingering problems from the fall.

Nancy said...

Sounds great! The fall put a damper on the day for just a bit, but sounds like you rebounded quite well. With you winning Bingo again I would think your luck would spill over to the slots!!

Suzann said...

Oh I loved hearing about your day! Not to say that the fall was fun (I surely hope you're okay) but the rest of the time sounds just awesome. I have seen Mama Mia and it was truly the feel good movie of the year!!

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear you had a fall. I hope you are ok now.
Glad you enjoyed the film!

sales said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. I saw Mamma Mia this weekend too. What a hoot! Loved it.