Saturday, May 24, 2008

Change in the Weather

This is what it looked like on Friday morning when we left to go to DH Tracy's doctors appointments. Hard to believe it was 108 (record high) on Monday and only 68 on Friday. There was even new snow on the mountain. It rained on and off all day with a little lighting and thunder. I wish this type of weather would continue but it will be back in the 90's by next weekend.

Playing Tourist
After the first doctors appointment we had some time to kill so off to the strip to play tourist. My favorite place to visit on the stip is the Consevatory at the Belliago. They change the display several times a year and this is the Summer display. I was very surprised it wasn't more crowded since it's the start of a holiday weekend but the lobby was filling up as we were leaving. This picture is from the entrance and I will have more pictures in my Webshots album later this weekend.
Stitching Update

No pictures of progress this time. I did finish a birthday gift for the ILCS Birthday exchange and have the second one almost done. I'll share what I did after they are received. I also got some stash in the mail on Thursday and am iching to get started on it but have to wait a bit for the fabric to arrive.

Until next tiem....Happy Stitching

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sales said...

Don't you just love those those swings. We get those here in IDaho too but we tend to go from 80 -40 or 30.
Queen looks great!