Saturday, February 2, 2008

Santa Day SAL

"NOEL" from the Dec 2007 issue of The Cross Stitcher
Progress as of 2-1
I didn't get as much done on "Noel" as I wanted but some progress was made. I finished all the green stitching and got a little more red done over the "O". I will now be rotating this on Fridays with Just Nan's "12 Days of Christmas". I'm getting a late start on the 12 Days, I want to get at least one day done each month so I won't be stitching them all at the end of Nov in order to get them on the tree. One of these years I'll have a whole tree full of "12 Days" ornaments.
I really wanted a Carrot Cake for my birthday but the bakery at WalFart (I hate our WalFart store) just never had one so I had to make my own. I haven't baked a cake from scratch in years so wasn't sure if I even remembered how. After grating the carrots, mixing it all together I held my breath to see if how it would turn out. Success, DH said it was the best Carrot Cake he's ever had. I even did the cream cheese frosting from scratch and it was yummmmy too.
Today I'm working on the "Snowmen Needle Roll" and it's close to a finish. I had to order the beads for it and they should be here the first of the week so I can finish it next Saturday. I also have two more needle rolls I need to finish. One needs beads and the other is ready to put together, so I might get those done today. Tommorrow is "Queen" day and next week I need to get two projects done for exchanges, WOOHOO I get to start 2 new project.
Until next time......Happy Stitching


Kelly said...

It's looking real good Rene!

sales said...

I am glad that your carrot cake came out so well. Noel is looking great.

Nancy said...

would love a good carrot cake today for dessert while watching the Superbowl!! Noel looks great! I am sure by now you have finished your needleroll!

Annie said...

Coming along nicely Rene. Glad to hear the cake came out so well too. Look forward to seeing the new starts!

jlblake said...

It's looking really good.