Monday, February 25, 2008

Another SAL Update

Santa Day SAL - NOEL

Another band of Red done and 2 left to go. I should have this done in another two weeks and then I'll rotate 2 projects on Fridays. I have a Just Nan Stocking to do for Tracy and I'll also work on Hinziet's 12 Days of Christmas.

Basket of Needle Rolls

This sits on my coffee table and I really enjoy looking at it and all the rolls I have completed so far. There are also 3 Biscornu's in the basket but they will have their own smaller basket as I complete more of them.

Blueberry Needle Roll WIP

Another project by the Sweetheart Tree. Several months ago I found a bunch of these on clearance at 123Stitch and purchased at least one of each. They are all older OOP charts and I felt lucky to find them. I sure wish they would do more but it seems Biscornu's have taken over and designers aren't doing the needlerolls much any more. I did make one change on it, the blueberry in the middle is a heart on the chart but I didn't have one so thought another blueberry would look good for a change.

Sunday SAL - "Queen of the Needle"

This last band (Band 8) seems like it's taking forever to do. There are so many color changes in all the little flowers I didn't think I'd ever get done what I did manage yesterday. I would have like to complete this band but with the overcast and rainy weather I just had to have a afternoon nap. I thought with the race going on I would get a lot done but even the race was cancelled due to the rain.

The weather has changed again and it's sunny and nice today so with the races on I'm sure I'll get a lot of stitching done today. I'm trying to finish up the Geo "Hearts and Flowers" and will do the back for it. With any luck I should be able to put it together tomorrow as a Biscornu.

Until next time.........Happy Stitching


sales said...

All of your WIPS are coming along really nicely. I really like your basket of needle rolls.

Nancy said...

Everything looks great! Always have to get a closeup look on Queen. Love the little flowers in the last band, even if they are a PITA to stitch! They are so worth it! Thought about you Sunday as the race kept being stopped and cancelled! Then I woke up to here it finally ended at 2 am!! Still waiting for my Needleroll pattern, haven't checked the "status" on it today.....

Meari said...

Your basket of finishes is adorable, Rene! Progress is great... go, go, go! (I wish I had more stitching time *sniffle, sniffle*)

Christine H said...

They all look great. Love the basket.

jlblake said...

Your basket is lovely with all the needlerolls and biscornus. Your WIPs are all loooking good. I love looking at your progress of "Queen".