Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12 Days Exchange - Day 2

In todays package I received a "Raindeer" duck. He is really cute and it's a good thing my son is no longer at home or he would steal it for sure. Can't wait to see what Day 3 brings.

I found some really cute Christmas charms yesterday and just had to make a Winter fob with the snowman. The picture is kinda dark but you can see it is done with pearls that sort of look like a snowman. This was another fun one to do.
I also had to start a different design for my stitched card for the exchange so that will be my focus until done. Also plan on doing a major clean up of my stitching area or there will be no room for the tree.
Until Next time....Happy Stitching


Kathy said...

I am not a snowman fan but your fob is adorable.

sales said...

Very cute fob!

Emily said...

That "reindeer" duck it too cute.

Cindy F. said...

Love the fob!! Good job!

Meari said...

Cute duckie :) Love the fob... Where did you find the charms?

~~~Melinda said...

I just love that fob!!! U r so talented!