Monday, August 25, 2008


Yes we do get rain in Las Vegas! It doesn't happen often but when it does it comes down in buckets. This is just outside my apartment door after about 5 minutes of rain.
I wish I had a better camera that would have captured the lighting, it was awesome. The sun is back out now but there are still storm clouds and we may get some more rain. You may think it strange that I would blog about a storm when there is so much water elsewhere in the country but when you only get 4 inches a year (and that's a wet year) every drop is exciting.


Gabi said...

That's great news. Living in a dry country myself with water restrictions applied all year long, I know what you mean. We're happy here about every drop of rain as well...and thankfully we do get more rain then you.

Kelly said...

Did you go out and dance in it Rene? lol
Great picture my friend.