Thursday, August 14, 2008

Needles, Needles, Needles

A while back there was some discussion in my ILCS Yahoo group about needles. What size to use, nickle plated vs. gold plated, different brands ect. There were as many different preferences in needles as there are in fabrics. One or two people suggested different sites on the web to purchase needles in bulk. This was of great interest to me since I hate changing needles for different colors in a project and like to have a needle for each color in each project (that means LOTS of needles since I have many projects going at one time). I decided to try Busy Lizzie Crafts in the UK as a source for needles. I could not be happier with Anne and the service she provides as well as the quality of the needles. I have been using the needles for about a month now and NO problems with any of them. Being a 28 petite needle user for a long time I wasn't sure about going back to regular 28 needles but I found these needles to be just a little longer than what I was use to and I think I will now stick to them for most stitching. I ordered in the bulk packages of 50 and this is how they come.

If you are in the market for some really good needles try or her other site

As a side note in honor of our US Olympic team I opened the package of gold needles for my current new project (more on that later). I am hoping this will bring them luck and more Gold medals.

Until Next Time with a stitching update.....Happy Stitching


Gabi said...

That are exactly the needles I use and love the most. And I tried a LOT of different needles - these ones are my absolute favorites. I buy them from her in bulk as well. She has also an Ebay shop which is slightly cheaper then her normal online shop. It's called busylizziecrafts.

Suzann said...

You know, I haven't chosen a preference on my needles, but I have discovered that I prefer to have one needle for each color in a project, so I need to purchase more. I love those gold needles - they seem so elegant. Thanks for the post on these - I'm going to check them out.