Monday, November 24, 2008

Two Done....Two To Go

Almost there with the Just Nan "12 Days"! Over the weekend I managed to get two more done and I bet you can't guess which is my favorite :o). I have the border done on Day 11 and hope to be finished with the last two by the end of the week so I can put them together over the weekend.

Nine Ladies Dancing

Ten Lords A-Leaping
(my favorite if you hadn't already guessed)

The rest of this week is going to be very busy. Tomorrow will be a trip to the post office to mail off my "12 Days" Exchange for my ILCS group, Pre-Op appointment for DH (he is having Carpel Tunnel surgery early next month), out to lunch and probably a little shopping. Wednesday we will do the grocery shopping for Turkey Day (I know nothing like waiting til the last minute). Thursday, cooking, watching football, cooking, EATING, nap and holiday movies in the evening. Friday, will be joining the other crazy people shopping. I think I have only gone out on Black Friday once but I just can't pass up the sale at JoAnn's. This will also be another "Date" with DH and we plan on seeing what Christmas decorations are up and will go out to dinner.
Will update again when the last two days are done and let you know how the shopping trip/Date go.

Until Next Time....Happy Stitching


Sadie said...

Great work Rene. Who would have thought that would be your favourite one?!?! I look forward to seeing more and hearing about your shopping/date.

Carolyn NC said...

These are just so darn cute! Your weekend sounds really busy and fun! Enjoy.

Kathy said...

These are just darling. You are whipping through them and I am sure you'll be done by the weekend.

Nancy said...

I have no doubt you'll get the other 2 done. What? A frog in Rene's stitching??? Tell me it isn't so!! LOL Good luck with your busy week, enjoy the turkey and all and hope that the surgery goes without a hitch!

Debbie Jo said...

Wow! moving right along on getting those done for the tree. Yes your leaping Lords are adorable! Have lots of fun with the shopping trip and spending time with DH.

Gabi said...

Congrats with these finishes. They look cute. And what a froggy is your favorite. That was a well kept secret. Happy thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

Looking great Rene!! Cant wait to hear about your shopping trip. This will be my first year going out but the LNS is having a great sale!! and we will hi Joanns too.

Cindy F. said...

Ahhh....too cute!! Love them both!
Congrats on finishing 2 more!
Have fun shopping:)

sales said...

I love your 12 days. You will no doubt have them all finished with plenty of time to spare :)

Have fun shopping. I stay really far away from the madness on Black Friday.