Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Stitching

Baby "Mini" Biscornu's

OK, I admit it, I'm obsessed with these little guys. They are so much fun to stitch and I love them. I put a little loop on them so they can have a ribbon attached to make them a fob or can just be hung up. I will make some in Christmas colors for my tree. Tracy (my DH) just looked at them and shook his head wanting to know what they were used for. I see more of these in the future being sent as RAK's.

"Noel" Sampler Ornament

I don't remember where I got the pattern for this. It's from The Prairie Schooler, a freebie that's on a business size card. After finishing "NOEL" I thought the colors would be perfect for this so started it. I really like the way it's stitching up. I also have another little pattern like it with a tree and snowman that I think I'll do with the same threads.
I only put a few (very few) stitches in on "Queen" but will try to get some done on it this week. It's taking forever to finish the band I'm working on, so many color changes and I'll be thrilled to move on to the next band.
The sun is shinning and the birds are singing....think I'll go for a walk and enjoy the wonderful weather (sorry to those who are still getting the cold and nasty snow).
Until next time.......Happy Stitching


Meari said...

They're adorable, Rene. What count fabric do you use?

Nancy said...

Very cute Rene! It's ok you can rub it in on how nice it is there.... we are going to be in the 40's this week! Yipeee

Kathryn in NZ said...

nismaT says "They're cool!" pointing at those cute baby biscornus "but I like that one the best" as I scrolled down to your Noel piece.

Greetings from the BFG's downunder operative in training, LOL

Tammy said...

They are soooo cute Rene! Love 'em!

Christine H said...

Love the little biscornu's.

sales said...

WOW those are really small! Was it hard to finish them? They look great!