Monday, March 31, 2008

SAL's Update

This is what I did last week on my SAL's, not a lot of progress but every stitch counts towards a finish.

Wednesday BAP SAL
Gift of the Eagle Feather

Not a lot done this week. Just did some on the right side. Have decided to get all the sky around the Eagle done before starting on it.

Friday Santa Day SAL
Charmed 12 Days
Three more blocks started. I really like this more with each week. The charms will add a lot when all the stitching is done. I think I will start rotating this with a Just Nan Christmas Stocking for my DH Tracy and then one for myself. I should be able to get all three project done by Christmas.

Saturday Smalls SAL
Just Nan's 12 Days of Christmas
Three French Hens

These are really fun quick stitches. It only takes me a day to do each one so far. Can't wait til next month to do the next one.

Sunday Just Nan SAL
Queen of the Needle

Band 9 finished and Band 10 started. The more I work on this the more I love it. The colors just don't show up as pretty as they really are. Over half done with it now and can't wait til it's finished and at the framers.


I have never had anything to put my ORT's in so I normally just tossed them. Friday night at dinner I found myself stareing at the Salt shaker and I remembered some really cute little angels I saw at a craft shop many years ago in Arkansas. The wheels in my head started turning and this is what I came up with. I made the head several years ago when I was making angels as gifts and had this one left over, it's a wooden ball that I painted and added hair. I still have to find something to make her wings from and add a ribbon bow to her collar or maybe some pearls. Her head isn't glued on yet so I can just lift it up and add orts. I think she is really cute.

This week I'll be working on another Sweetheart Tree Biscornu and Fob and hope to make more progress on the SAL's.

Until next time....Happy Stitching


Tammy said...

Absolutely great work Rene! You never cease to amaze & inspire with your updates & finishes. Queen is coming along great & looks great, as is everything else! The ORT jar is cute, very creative.

Meari said...

Great stitching, as usual Rene. Your ort angel is really cute.

Lisa said...

All your projects look great. I look forward to seeing the eagle one, as I'm loving the background colors. What a great idea for an OORT jar. Mine is just a bullion cube jar, that I empty into a plastic bag when it fills up. I then use the oorts as stuffing for little pillows (like the Daisy pin pillow I did) or to make fire starters for camping.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Rene. And your idea for your ort collection is adorable.