Monday, March 3, 2008

Another GEO Finished

Finally finished another of the GEO designs. This one is called "Tudor". I wanted a more dramatic one this time so I used a 32ct Linen, sorta a blue/grey color, and stitched it with black #12 Perle Cotton. I'm really happy with the results. I still need to do the bottom for the Biscornu but not really sure how much stitching I want to do for that, also have to get some black beads ordered for it so probably won't be a Biscornu until sometime next week. I'm going to try and finish the "Blueberry" needle roll now and then back to SAL's on Wednesday.

Until next time.....Happy stitching


Nancy said...

Very pretty, you were a busy little bee this week!

jlblake said...

It looks great, Rene, as always. Can't wait to see it as a Biscornu.

sales said...

I like the black. It gives it a very dramatic look.