Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Finishes

Some good stuff and some not so good stuff. First I had a very productive weekend of stitching . That's the good and now the bad was my TV in the living room (where the computer is and where I stitch) went to the TV Gods in the sky. First we noticed the color was off and then it just went dead. Of course this really put a wrinkle in my plans for Mother Day stash shopping since now we'll have to buy a new TV. I normally get 2 trips to the LNS to spend what I want on anything that catches my fancy (and Tracy always finds even more that he thinks I must have). Well my birthday stash shopping was ruined when we had to buy a new computer and now the TV will take care of my Mothers Day stash shopping.....I think the stash angels have it in for me and are trying to tell me something.

The good thing was I managed to get some finishes while watching movies on the computer.

"Pooh" onesie for Maddie
This will be the last one I stitch for a while. She has so my cute things in this size I will wait to she outgrows some of them and then get back to more stitching for her. I love this Pooh design and even did it a few years ago for myself on a tee shirt. All the backstitching about drove me nuts but I think the outcome was well worth the effort. I added the little ribbon roses around the neck to make it even more girly.
Next I decided to do something a little easier and thought it would be a good time to do the "On The Twelfth Day...." ornaments for May. My plan was to stitch 2 of the designs each month and finish up in June but I have changed my mind and will do the last four this month. Below are both days Nine and Ten and I have just started on Day Eleven. I should have the last two done this week and then it will be on to other ornaments. I still want to do at least two a month and will probably be looking for a cute "Babies First Christmas" to do for Maddie.
"On The Twelfth Day...." Day 9

"On The Twelfth Day...." Day 10

Until Next Time....Happy Stitching


Sadie said...

Maddie is such a lucky little girl, with all this adorable stitching you are doing for her. That is a LOT of backstitch on a small design! Your 12 Days are very nice. Sorry about your T.V., at least you can watch movies on your puter. Have a great week.

Lou's addictions said...

Sorry to hear your stash shopping has to be cancelled, but at least you know that your new one should last a good few years. You may even end up with a better picture to watch nascar on.

I really like your shelf too the way it is, the burdhouses are adorable.

Gabi said...

Lovely new outfit for Maddie. Your 12days are coming along nicely too. Sorry to hear about your tv...even more to hear that it stopped your (well deserved) stash shopping.

Carolyn NC said...

Stitching looks great - love Pooh! So sorry about your TV and stash denial!

Meari said...

Great stitching, Rene. Sorry about your TV.

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about your TV. :( I hope you find one reasonable enough that you can still get a little stash. :)
The Pooh onsie is just too adorable. great job.
So once you finish this 12 day set which one is next?

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

These are all too cute.

Mel said...

Awh, that really sucks about your TV Rene.
Great stitching! You do manage to finish those ornaments up fast.

5footrunt said...

Cute onesie. Good work on the ornaments.You stitch so quickly:0) Sorry to hear about your birthday and Mother's Day shopping trips. Hopefully you'll be able to go on one soon.

Katrien said...

Another cute onesie, and I love Pooh, so I really adore this one :)
Your christmas-ornaments are looking great.

Debbie Jo said...

I just love the outfits your doing for Maddie! So precious. The 12 days ornines are so very adorable. sure wish I was closer to you,,I have an almost new TV sitting in my spare room that probably has not been played 60 hours. I would sure send it your way.

Nancy said...

Pooh's adorable! You'll have to share some possible *Baby 1st Christmas* ornaments you find. I have a couple, but none I am in love with yet. Nice job on your other ornaments.

Cindy F. said...

Pooh is too cute!!
Pretty ornie stitches too!