Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monopoly Monday SAL and other stuff

I was a good girl and worked on Monopoly on Monday. Didn't get a lot done but some is better than none. All the lettering for Page 3 is now finished and all that is left to do is the Railroad and dreaded Community Chest. As I said before I'm leaving the Chests until last to do since I really am dreading all the fractional stitches and backstitching on those. The railroad is easy to do but I just might leave those until after the chests as a reward to myself for finishing the chests.

Monopoly Board
Pages 1,2 and 3 5/4/09
Stitching for Baby....
Got two little quick finishes done for my sweet Maddie. Before she was born my DD Amanda said NO PINK! Now that she is here and she has received so many cute "Pink" outfits Amanda said pink is now OK LOL.

Love Bug Bib
After finishing the Just Nan Tin on Sunday night I felt like a little more stitching and what better to do than a Bib. You probably recognize the design from the cupcake I did. I have used the pattern over and over and over and sure got my monies worth out of the cheap little kit. I think this will probably be the last time I use it.
Sorry Nancy I really don't mean to touchier you with these and if you will send me your address I'll send you the kit so you can do some for your precious one to come (I checked all the databases and you aren't there ;o( )

Design from The Sweetheart Tee "Just Ducky Fob". I stitched it on a Onesie with waste canvas using DMC and Dragon Floss.

I purchased a package of onesies before Maddie was born and finally got some waste canvas so I could stitch something on them. It's been a while since I used the stuff so it was a rocky start but a good outcome. I have several more to do this week and since this one stitched up so quickly may get 2 or 3 more done.
Well that was my Monday and I sure hope the rest of the week goes as well. I did play with making a couple more Beaded Fobs and even a stitch marker but will have to wait til the sun comes up tomorrow for pictures of them (the camera batteries were dead today so couldn't take any pics).
Hope you have a great week with lots of stitching time.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching


Sadie said...

Nice progress on the monopoly board Rene, great idea to save some 'reward' stitching for after the hard bits! I love the little duck and ladybird, soooo cute.
Have a great week

Carolyn's Crafts said...

Everything looks great! Love the duck! :)

Gabi said...

Ohhhhh...these are SOOOO cute. I wouldn't mind a picture with Maddy wearing it...grin. And your monopoly is looking great too.

Nancy said...

You're too funny Rene! I saw the bib and thought...She's killing me!!! LOL The bib is adorable and I would love the kit to do a few little bugs for my GD to be!
I have a couple red towels....I could just stitch the black and white and Lauren could use it in the babies room to keep clean! Monopoly looks great! Just working on it one day a week you really make good progress. Cute onesie too! I haven't done any of those in years!

Trecie said...

The bib and onesie is so cute. I know my DIL was not into pink but when people got things for Kylynn in pink and she looked so cute in them, she had to change her mind too.Your monopoly board is really coming along. Keep up the good work

Mel said...

Such cute baby items Rene. As always your needles are flying.

Meari said...

The baby things are adorable Rene! Nice progress on the Monopoly board.

Carolyn NC said...

So cute! Monopoly looks great, too!

5footrunt said...

Your board is coming along wonderfully. Though after reading about the chest I am quiet nervous. Aww the things you made for the baby are just darling. You make a great grandma!

mbroider said...

Just passing by!! Your Monopoly progress is great. What fabric are you stitching this on? I have a 18-count Aida i ordered just for this, but am now having starting trouble, LOL.

The baby stuff is so cute, too.