Friday, February 6, 2009

Thank You and Chinese New Years

First I want to thank everyone for their well wishes on Tracy's doctor appointment. This was his first visit to the foot doctor. It was just a check up because of his diabetes.

After the doctors appointment we headed down to the strip to see the Chinese New Years decoration at the Belliago Conservatory. Part of the display is a repeat of years previous and part was new. As always it was beautiful and we really enjoyed it. I wish everyone could see all the orchids used for this years display. They were breath taking. Following is just a little teaser of what we saw, for more pictures you can go to my Webshots (link in sidebar) and the rest of the pictures are in the first album. If you have missed other visits to the Conservatory there is another album on Webshots with different seasons.

Entrance to Conservatory

Panda Family

A few of the Orchids
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching


Terri said...

Wonderful pictures Rene

Meari said...

I bet it's even more beautiful in person!

Donna said...

Love them. They are so pretty!

Cindy F. said...

Great pics! My husband is Chinese and would love these!

Carolyn NC said...

Great pics! Glad you had a good day!

Kelly said...

Great photos Rene and thank you for sharing them with us. xxx