Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stressful Weekend

Boy am I glad it's finally a new week. I normally don't post about personal stuff but thought I needed to let everyone know why I haven't been keeping up with emails.

Last Friday my DH Tracy was complaining about his back and leg hurting. He spent most of the day in bed and that is just not him. By Saturday he could hardly walk and didn't even go out to get a newspaper. No Paper, now I knew there was a problem. He tried to get up to go to work but it was a struggle just to put his pants on. Now this man has not missed a day at work in over 8 years so the red flags went up. By Sunday when he could barely make it across the hall to the bathroom my stress level was beyond stressed out. Monday I said this is it, you are going to the doctor. Since we don't have a car and I knew he couldn't make it across the street to the bus I called a Taxi and off to the Urgent Care Clinic we went.

We waited and waited and finally he was called in to have his vitals taken. He came out and said his Blood Pressure was high but he didn't know what it was. After waiting what seemed like hours he was called in to see the doctor. Again I waited and waited and stressed and stressed. He finally came out about a hour and a half later. After 5 x-rays of his back they determined he has Sciatia and a bit of arthritis, but his bigger problem is his BP. When it was taken the first time it was 240/100. It is a wonder he didn't have a stroke!! They gave him something to bring it down but it wouldn't budge for about a hour and they let him go when it came down a little.

After getting his prescriptions filled and he started on pain meds, something for the Sciatia and BP he is doing much better today. He can finally walk without looking like he is 90 years old and in pain. He is off work by doctors orders until Saturday and has to go back to have his BP checked in May. He also has to go on a diet and that's not going to be fun at all. This man loves his candy and soda and they are now going to be a no no.

With all this going on I haven't been able to get much stitching done or even get emails read but things are looking up and should be back in the swing of things very soon.

Until next time....Happy Stitching


Meari said...

My sister suffers from sciatica and has told me how painful it is. Coincidentally, a coworker came into work and promptly went back home because of sciatica. He couldn't sit or stand without being in pain. Hopefully, your DH can get the BP under control.

Terry said...

With all the pain he was in, could that have pushed his blood pressure up some too? I hope the pain meds work and he starts feeling better soon. I've only had problems with my sciatic when I was pregnant and it never lasted long. Don't know how anyone can stand that pain constantly! Glad you were able to get him to the doctor and get things squared away.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rene
I know very well, too well, the stress you are dealing with. :( High BP can be extremely dangerous as I am sure you know. I hope the meds work for him. Just be aware that it may take a while for them to work and he may need to try different ones. If you need a shoulder or someone to talk to please let me know.
All I can say is been there done that.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Hugs Rene - hope that your dh's condition improves. A work colleague of mine, years ago, had sciatica, and I know it is very painful :o(

Wunder said...

*many hugs* I'm sure part of his BP was caused by the stress he was in. Just make sure he takes it again when everything has calmed down. Sciatica is so very painful, I hope he gets rid of it fast!


Kathryn in NZ said...

Thinking of you and DH - lotsa vibes coming your way

sales said...

I hope your DH is feeling better today. You don't want to mess with high blood pressure so I hope some of it was the stress of pain. I hope you get a chance to stitch some soon.