Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Basket Runnith Over

"Paperchain" GEO Biscornu
Late last night or was it early this morning I finally got this Biscornu put together. The colors didn't come out really true in the photo. They are really bright and cheerful (you can see the true colors in my webshots album). The Biscornu's are going to need their own basket real soon.

"Stitchers Roll" by Shepherds Bush
I got this kit in the mail today. I just love Shepherds Bush kits. They have the highest quality supplies in them and always much more than enough to finish the project. I can't wait to start (and finish) this one.
SAL Stitching
I'm working on "Feathers" again today. Didn't get off to a good start, stitched 8 rows and had to frog 4 of them. After a short nap things got better and I hope to get some good progress on it. Tomorrow I'll start "hop!' fob/needlecase and it shouldn't take long to do. I did finish the second "hop!" tin top and will be putting it together this weekend. I should have a pic of "Feathers" progress in the next day or two.
Until next time.....Happy Stitching


Anonymous said...

The biscornu is adorable. I love the colors. And the needle roll will be a wonderful addition to your collection. I really have to try one of them one of these days.


Nancy said...

Love the colors of the biscornu. I need to pick out a pattern for the exchange and then the material, and Oh yeah the floss!!! The new needleroll will look lovely in your collection.

sales said...

Your biscornu is beautiful as usual! I am about to start my first one for the ILCS exchange.
Great work and stash.