Monday, September 28, 2009

Fun Friday

Last week was kinda weird for me. After finishing the two little projects I just couldn't focus on any stitching. I wanted to do a ornament for the ILCS exchange and started 3 different ones, didn't like any of them so just threw up my hands and said I need a day out. Nancy was also having a stressful week and we decided a day of shopping and playing tourist was just the ticket we needed.

I printed off the JoAnn's coupons for both of us and we started our day there were we both found some good buys. Tracy found the aisle with the Christmas stitching kits, all on sale (told you he is a really good or maybe it's bad, enabler. This is what I got......

I have wanted the Dimensions "JOY" kit since I saw Nancy M and Tracy W stitch it. The best part was it was marked 1/2 off and I got another 40% off that. I will change the fabric out since I really don't like the 14 count Aida. The little kits are really cute (I have one finished already) and will make fun quick stitches for the tree.

We then decided we would have lunch before heading for the strip. We went to "Sweet Tomatoes" Salad and Soup and it was really yummmmy. We will sure go back there again.

After resting our feet and filling our tummies we headed for the strip. Since moving here Nancy really hasn't had a chance to see any of the sights so we played tour guide.

The display at the Belliago has now changed to the Fall display so that is where we headed. If you click on the pictures you will see a bigger picture and more detail.

Area behind the desk in the Lobby.

Scarecrow at the entrance to the Conservatory

Tree Man. His eyes open and close and he talks.

Mini Beliago display with the lake and fountains

The Pumpkin that weighs 643 pounds

Nancy and Me

After looking in some of the shops and seeing the Fountain show we headed down the street to the Flamingo to see the waterfalls and birds.
Flock of Flamingos

Turtles. Nancy said she knew what they were thinking but I'll leave what she thought to your own imagination hehehe

Ducks at one of the waterfalls. This is usually where my favorite Swan hangs out be she wasn't there and I missed seeing her.

Nancy taking a rest at another of the waterfalls

Tracy and me at yet another waterfall
By this time it was getting late so we headed back to the car (after a short stop to drop some pennies in a slot where Nancy won and we lost). It really was a great day and we plan on doing it again real soon. We do plan to meet again this week for a stitching day at the LNS. The ladies there are so nice and friendly we decided to take them up on the invitation to join them.
I'll have a stitching update sometime tomorrow with a couple of WIP's and a little finish.
Until Next Time....Have a great stitchy week


Emily said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, nice to have time out with hubby and friends. Glad you could find more yummy Christmas kits on sale. Have got a whole boxful that I haven't even started yet. Enjoyed hearing about your day and seeing the great pictures.

Sadie said...

Seems like you all had a great day out. I love all of your new stash, very festive :-)

Kathy said...

Sounds like you and Nancy had the perfect "pick-me-up" day.

Katrien said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. All the pics look great, and just love the new stash.

~~~Melinda said...

I have the Warm Hearts Snowman and I think I have the ornament set as well. I love the Joy one too! How did you get 40% off a reduced time...the workers here are like hawks and won't do such a thing LOL I love the pics of the autumn display...your pics may be as close as I ever get to seeing them in person.

Cindy F. said...

What a great day!! Fun new stash and awesome deals! Just the kind of break you needed:)

Great pics too!!

Carolyn NC said...

Looks and sounds like a great play day! The stash is awesome and the displays are beautiful!

Mel said...

I nearly didn't recognize your blog. :) Nice new design.

Photos from Vegas look fantastic! :)

Cyndi said...

Looks like you had a great time. Sometimes it's nice just to get out and do something different. Nice stash also!

AFwife99 said...

What a fun way to spend the day! Stash, stash and more stash. I would love to organize your charts, if you want to pay to fly me from Hawaii to Vegas! LOL

Meari said...

Great Christmas stash, and wonderful pics of your day out.

Nancy M said...

I was so excited to see your *JOY*!! I can't wait for you to start it. I loved the material I did mine on. It looks like a perfect day out with DH and Nancy. I would love to be able to go to the Bellagio seasonally and see the displays change. Have fun at stitching day too!

Terry said...

Love all the pics! Glad you had a nice relaxing day.