Friday, August 14, 2009

Exchanged Received

We are having a "Carrie's Creation" thread exchange on my ILCS Yahoo Group and my package arrived today. My partner really did spoil me with all these lovely colors. I have a collection of Carrie's threads in my stash but didn't have any of the ones Pam sent me. I really can't wait to start using them on various projects. Thank You so much Pam.

Until Next Time....Happy Stitching


Carissa said...

What beautiful, bright colors Rene! I can't wait to get mine.

Donna said...

So pretty! So bright & colorful!

Lou's addictions said...

wow those colours look so pretty, I bet the picture doesnt do any justice to how vibrant they really are

Meari said...

Pretty colors!

Mel said...

Lovely colours!

venus said...

I love your blogs.. I just found this blog and book marked it and ..I look forward to seeing lots of posts of beautiful work.
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