Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Birthday and Some Stitching

A good start on this

To say I had a good birthday would be the understatement of the year! It started when I stumbled from my bed and my wonderful DH Tracy met me with a cup of coffee and told me to sit down. He disappeared into the bedroom and then came out with a bag of Ghirardelli Squares, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry filling, and a card. Inside the card was CASH, 5 $20 bills!!! I was so happy and as I was going to give him a BIG thank you hug and kiss he had disappeared again. Out he comes with another gift, a cook book I have wanted for a long time and another card. He did it again, another card with CASH! I couldn't believe my eyes, another 5 $20 bills. Boy am I going to have fun shopping now. Later in the day he came out again, yes another present, he had forgotten to give me the last present, a DVD of my favorite movie "Gone with the Wind". I spent the whole day just reading emails, chatting with Kelly and stitching. It was one of the best Birthdays ever. Thursday we are going out shopping (my Birthday trip to the LNS), playing tourist on the strip, and out to dinner. The weather forcast is for rain but I'll believe that when I see it LOL.

I'll update again on my S.E.X. at the LNS and let you know how our "Date" goes.


Kelly said...

Nosegay looks fabulous and I'm glad you had a good birthday my friend!

sales said...

I am glad that you had such a wonderful birthday! Have fun on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! Isn't getting spoiled rotten just fabulous????!!! :-)

Nancy said...

Sounds like a great birthday Rene! Hope you enjoyed your stash day to the fullest and had a wonderful night on the strip. We are getting the itch to do a 4 day getaway in Vegas!