Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday S.E.X.

Tin with Chart and Ribbon, Need to get fabric and floss
Charts for Scissor Fobs by The Sweetheart Tree
The Queen's Strawberry Fob, Rhodes Butterfly Fob
I got these because of the Speciality Stitches on them

Pansy Sampler by Victoria Sampler

Birdhouse Roll by Shepherds Bush
This is a complete Kit and will be really fun to do for Spring

It was really cold (or cold for here in the desert) when DH and I set out on our adventure for my Birthday. He always takes me to the LNS for S.E.X. and this year was no different. I warmed up really quickly when we went through the door and I was in a world of Charts, Kits, Fibers and Fabrics, heaven on Earth. The pictures are the charts and kits that just jumped right into my hands. All but the Tin are by my favorite designers. Then I went on to the fabric wall and got a piece of Cashel to do stocking for my DH and myself and some small cuts for ornies, scissor fobs and tin toppers. I didn't get many fibers, just the ones I needed for some projects I plan on doing real soon. Surprise surprise I didn't spend all my stash money so will be going to Michaels tomorrow with a 40% off coupon for a little more shopping.

After a little lunch at McDonalds we headed to the Strip to play tourist. The Belliago Hotel/Casino has a beautiful conservatory that they decorate with the different seasons/holidays and DH takes me every time they change it to take pictures and I'll share those with you in another post. From there we went to check out a new Hotel/Casino that just opened. After all this walking we were starting to get hungry so headed to Downtown (Fremont St) to have dinner at one of our favorite places. Dinner was very good.....had Prime Rib with all the trimmings and was stuffed so a little more walking was in order hehehe. We played the slots a little then headed to Starbucks for a after dinner coffee before heading home.

It was a very long but fun day.


margaret said...

What a wonderful birthday you had so pleaed for you.

Nancy said...

Sounds and LOOKS like a great day! Gee, who would of guessed you would buy another needleroll pattern?? Wish we lived close enough to just spend an evening on the strip. On second thought, that wouldn't be very good on my DH's wallet, he loves to gamble!

Meari said...

I really like that tin topper chart. What's the name of it?