Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is It Really December

I really can't believe the year is almost over and we are starting on our 10th year here in Las Vegas. It seems like just yesterday I was driving the moving van across Hoover Dam

We had a very quiet Thanksgiving. Just Tracy and I with the Turkey and all the trimmings. Someday I will learn how to prepare a holiday meal for just two. After dinner we both went to bed VERY early since we had plans to get up VERY VERY early to get one of the camera's on sale at 5am at WalFart (have I told you how much I hate that store). What a disorganized mess! After looking for someone to help us and then waiting in line for 1/2 hour in the electronics dept (isn't that the logical place for a camera?) we were told they were up front and sold out. Tracy still hadn't made it to the register so he got out of line and we left without spending a penny and believe me I was beyond pi$$ed off.

Next on our plans for "Black Friday" was to go to JoAnn's but before we left Tracy suggested I check the ads again to see if I could find another camera that suited my needs. I did find some good deals at Best Buy and since it's in the same center as JoAnn's we decided to check it out. WOO HOO they had just what I wanted and there were even people there to help. Now to find the end of the check-out line. The line twisted and turned all the way around the appliance section and we were told we got there at a good time since the line took 1 1/2 hours earlier, we had to wait a little over 1/2 hour which wasn't bad.

Then off to JoAnn's we went. I found everything on my list very quickly and then we checked out the fabric. They didn't have just what I wanted so I decided it wasn't worth my time to wait in line for something I really didn't want. Now that was a good choice since I heard the waiting time to get fabric cut was 1 1/2 hours. I saw women with carts full of fabric so guess that was the reason for the long wait. Then to my surprise I looked in our basket and what did I see....A OTT LIGHT. I have mentioned that I wanted to try one several times but always said no, they are too expensive. We were there early enough to get the Door Buster price so instead of paying $54.99 it was $19.99.

Between the Door Busters and coupons I got everything I wanted and we saved over $100. Then as a special treat we went to the LNS Stitchers Paradise to pick up a few things for a exchange and to get some of the supplies I need for my first venture in Needlepoint in about 35 years. Nancy R meet us there so I could meet her friend that she lived with in NM. Jeanie is a really lovely lady and I'm so glad we got to meet.
That was it for shopping so we headed home for leftovers and a nap so we could go out later that evening.
Sam's Town, a local casino, has a really lovely park like setting in the lobby area. It is complete with a mountain, waterfall and lots of little critters. They do a really nice fountain show with laser lights. It's all decked out for Christmas now and is sooooooo pretty and peaceful. There is a 80 foot Christmas tree and lots of little displays with polar bears that move. Here are a few pics of the bears, the rest of the pictures were really too dark to see anything (was learning to use the new camera).

I didn't get much stitching done on Thursday and none on Friday but did get a little done over the weekend.

Milly is almost to the point of being finished. Just have to finish the border, snowflakes and her name now. She is back in the WIP basket now so I can get back to Maddie's stocking, poor "Sugar" really needs her head.

I made this little scissor fob for the same exchange I shopped for. You really can't tell from the picture (unless you click on it to make it bigger) but the black beads make a hat and the pearls make the body of a snowman. I think I'll have to make one for myself now.

I did have a new start and finish! I was really itching for a quick finish and wanted to do something small. I had received this chart as a RAK and thought it would be perfect for this years tree and then for the little snowman theme tree in January.

"The Red Thread Snowman" by Bent Creek
Stitched on Cream Evenweave
with WDW, GAST and DMC

Back of "The Red Thread Snowman"
Well that's about it for me for now. I will be stitching all day tomorrow on Maddie's stocking or on ornaments for the boys, just can't make up my mind. Thursday is going to be a fun day out again. NASCAR is having their awards ceremony this year here in Vegas and all the cars that were in the chase will be in a parade down the strip. You know where I'll be, taking pictures and yelling for my favorites. If the crowds aren't too bad we'll probably hit a few of the resorts to check out their Christmas decorations too. I've practiced with the new camera so hope my pictures come out better.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching


Jo said...

Milly looks so cute. Love your tree ornaments, we're still on cheap ones thanks to DD (23mths) who wants to play with the expensive Disney collectables..they're safely stored away, maybe next yr! Great savings on Black Friday...getting my lamp nxt yr for my birthday.

EvalinaMaria said...

Great shopping and congrats on all savings!
It has been 19 years since I'm trying to learn how to cook just for two... it doesn't work for me... so I invite neighbors for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do not have family in Canada and Freddy's family is in Ontario...
Milly looks lovely! And can't wait to see Maddie's finished stocking.

Sandy In Montana said...

Your little snow-people are sooo cute, Rene. I just love Milly, but then she does have my mama's name.

Meari said...

I *almost* got one of those OTT lights, but didn't. How do you like it? Glad the camera thing worked out for you. Don't you just love good deals?!! :)

Your stitching looks great!

Kathy said...

I'm happy you had a nice Thanksgiving and a productive Black Friday. Your stitching looks great.

Rae Ann said...

Wow you did a lot! Walmart is one of my favorite stores. My daughter is a manager of one of the departments, so I have a heads up on the Door Busters and their location. Nothing is ever where one would normally look on these specials. Glad you got a new camera, and found your stitchy things. I didn't do anything, didn't go anywhere.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - sounds like you two had a wonderful time (well, except for W-M)! Love Milly and the Snowman - perfect fabric! Nice pics of your day out. :)

Emily said...

Hope you like your OTT light, I love mine and couldn't live without it.

Katrien said...

your stitching looks great

Mel said...

I'm sure you will love your Ott light. I have a daylight and it's just awesome! :)

The stitching looks good and your shopping trip sounds like it was very successful.

5 Foot Runt said...

We only went to best buy and got what we wanted very quickly. They seemed to have planned their day very well.Ilove your ornaments and that FOB is to die for,lol. Have fun stitching no matter what you choose.

Donna said...

Well,despite all, you really did get some good deals! Glad you have your new camera & Ott lite. I too, have wanted one forever.
The stitching is great.
Wish I could be there with you to see all those NASCAR cars on the strip!

Shelley said...

I know you will love your Ott Lite. They are so worth every penny! Happy to hear your black friday adventure ended in success. We stepped into JoAnns much later in the day and the wait for the cut table was about 2-3 hours. There were tons of ladies with carts piled high with bolts of fabric. They must be quilters. Milly is looking awesome. Can't wait to see Sugar with her head. are so lucky.

Nancy M said...

Stitching looks wonderful. So jealous you have all the wonderful extreme decorations (for any holiday) right where you live. Love my Ott light. After I started using it I wondered how I stitched for all those years without it. Keep practicing with the new camera, I like pictures!