Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Computer Finally Fixed

It's amazing what you can get done when you can't get online BUT I sure felt like a duck out of water. It turns out that the power supply decided it was tired and had to be replaced. We were very lucky that a very nice young man came to our home and did the work and didn't charge a arm and a leg. Now I'm back online and have lots of email to read and blogs to look at. I was busy stitching while off line and thought I'd share what I did with you.

Let's start with my October Seasonal Shelf. This years shelf is a little different from last years. Lots more stitching projects this year and I really do like this one better.
October 2009 Seasonal Shelf

I did get several things started and finished. I really became a one project person which isn't like me at all but I guess since they were small I could stick with them till finished.

"Nice" Ornament
by Mill Hill (kit)
stitched on White Perforated Paper
with DMC floss and Beads
I really love the Mill Hill kits and have the companion to this one to do. I did "Nice" for my adorable DH Tracy and I'll be doing "Naughty" for myself. I also have a cute Snowman with a Gingerbread Man to do and with any luck they both will be done and ready for the tree this year.

"Christmas With a Twist" by Prairie Moon
from JCS 2009 Ornament Issue
Stitched on 28 count Beige Jobelan
with Carries Creations "Old World Red", "Bullfrog" and DMC Ecru
This ornament caught my eye as soon as I got the magazine and I just had to stitch it. It reminds me of a Candy Cane Stick.

"Christmas Tree"
from kit by Design Works Inc/Mary Ann Moreck
Stitched on 14 count Perforated Plastic with floss
and Mill Hill Beads
This is one of the 18 designs that came in the kit. I wanted to jazz it up some and give it a little sparkle so instead of stitching the garland and the red ornaments I used beads from my stash. I am so happy with the way it came out I'll probably be changing more of the ornaments to make them more me.

"Snowman" Card
from a kit
I was amazed by these little kits and looking forward to doing the others that I got on sale at JoAnn's.
I have another finish but forgot to scan it so you'll have to wait to see it hehehe.


"Panda's" by Heart Strings
I received this chart as a RAK a couple of years ago and when I pulled it out I thought the fabric was perfect for them. I got the fabric as part of my FOM from Silkweavers. I loved the color but had no idea what I would stitch on I know why I didn't put it away, it was meant for the Panda's. This will be for my DD who we called "Manda Panda" when she was little (and sometimes I still call her that). I want to find a Bamboo looking frame for it. I got bored with the backstitching but will finish it real soon. There needs to be white backstitching on the black part of the Panda on the left and won't take long to do.

"Snowman Trio" by Stitchy Kitty


I fell in love with this design when I saw it stitched by Kathy in my ILCS group. I wasn't sure what fabric I wanted to use so it has sat in my to do pile for a while. I was looking for some fabric in my stash box for another project and this piece jumped up and said "stitch a snowman on me". I did a floss toss with the threads called for and thought they looked great on it so I was off and running. I'm using the DMC conversion since I didn't want to have to wait for a trip to the LNS to get the WDW's and I am very happy with the colors. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do each snowman separately or do them as on piece but tonight I decided I'll do each on their own and either make them into flatfolds or no sew cubes. The one change I'm going to make is to change the names to my grandkids names.
Well that's what I was up to while missing everyone.
Until Next Time....Happy Stitching


Sadie said...

Beautiful stitching Rene, love all of your ornaments and the pandas for your daughter are so cute. Great idea to change the names of the snowmen to your grandkids names :-)
It's nice to have you back.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Wow you've been busy Rene - that seasonal shelf looks wonderful!

Trecie said...

Missed You girl. Loved the Seasonal shelf. Your finishes are really cute. The picture of Uncle Chad and Maddie is wonderful. They captured a real memory there. Glad Chad is doning better. Will look forward to seeing the snowman trio named for the grandchildren.

Donna said...

We missed you and your updates. But you have been so busy stitching and I loved each and everyone of your pieces you showed. Welcome back!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - all of your finishes and WIP's are fantastic - so glad to have you back!

Kathy said...

Welcome back. Your needles are probably happy for the rest. :) You got so much done and it all looks fabulous.

Vicky L said...

WOW! is how I can summoned your post. I just love the Christmas tree and MH Nice ornies. Your stitching is wonderful. Glad to see you back.

Pike said...

I just love your idea of a monthly shelf, that looks so lovely! Can I please copy the idea :)
I wonder if I might get it done till halloween next year...

Sandy In Montana said...

Glad to see you posting again, Welcome Back!!
All of your finishes are great, Rene. I just love the Snowman Trio, they are so cute.

EvalinaMaria said...

I love your seasonal shelf and it is so nice to see more finishes and WIPs.

AFwife99 said...

Glad that you're back on-line- we missed you! Your stitching looks great- as always. The seasonal shelf is so cute for Halloween.

~~~Melinda said...

The seaonal shelf looks good. I like the Chrsitams Tree ornament and of course the Snowman card and oh my Chilly is looking great!!! I am getting stitching stuff from Santa...I do believe the snowmen trio will be included!!

Anne Sans Tete said...

glad to have you back! all of your stitching is gorgeous, but the pandas really caught my eye- what a cute pattern!!

Katrien said...

It's wonderful to have you back online.
Waw, allt hose finishes! Everything looks great.
The snowmen trio looks like a great piece.

Carol said...

Welcome back. Everything looks wonderful. Love what you did with your shelf.

TammyK said...

Can't believe this is the first time I've ran across your blog. Love, love, love your finishes - especially Nice ornament by Mill Hill :o) Halloween shelf is cute too with the way you have it decorated & all. Gonna be following your wip's. They're looking great already.

Gabi said...

Glad you're back online. You were dearly missed.
All finishes look fantastic, so does your shelf. Lovely.

Meari said...

Welcome back, Rene. I had to replace a power supply on my computer years ago. I found a tutorial online to do it myself, lol. Glad you didn't get charged an arm & leg to get it done. Computer repairs can get expensive!

Your stitching looks great. You've been busy!

Mel said...

Welcome back!!
Your seasonal shelf looks awesome!!
And I love those trio of snowmen. I've seen them on a few blogs now and the more I see them the more likely it is I will have to order them. ;)
Look forward to more of your progress on all your work.

Nancy M said...

You can't have computer break downs anymore, we won't be able to keep up with you! Holy Moly, went on a stitching rampage! They all look great and the shelf is wonderful!!!! Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back. You sure have stitched a lot and they all look very nice.


5 Foot Runt said...

Happy to hear your computer is up and working. Your ornaments look great and love your snowmen.

Kelly said...

Love your seasonal shelf Rene. I haven't got mine up yet since we moved.
All your stitching is fabulous! To put me to shame with the amount you have done lol.
I have missed you xx

Shelley said...

Your seasonal shelf looks cheery as always!! Wow, your needle must have been smokin' while the 'puter was out of sorts. Wonderful finishes. I have Nice and Naughty by Mill Hill also. Look forward to stitching them in the coming year.