Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Date, A Mishap, A Finish

Yesterday was our monthly Date Night (or in this case day). Since the display at the Belliago was changed for summer that was our first stop. As you can see in these pictures the conservatory was full of really pretty colorful flowers and things that remind you of Summer. There are many more pictures in my Webshots album if you would like to see more (link in the side bar).
View from the Lobby Entrance

The Ferris Wheel was huge and had Sunflowers in each seat

View from another Entrance. The Glass Green house was full of Parakeets and Lorakeets

Who could resist this Froggie
Parts of the display are from years past but in different settings.
After our stroll through the flowers we headed back out to the strip to catch the bus to go downtown to Fremont Street for some people watching and dinner at Tracy's favorite buffet and this is where the mishap happened. It was very warm but I didn't think that it was that hot but guess I was wrong. While waiting for the bus I began to fell dizzy and sick to my tummy. This has happened before and soon passed so I didn't say anything to Tracy. The next thing I knew I heard someone say the bus is coming and then I found myself flat on my back on the sidewalk. A very nice gentleman helped Tracy get me back on my feet, my glasses picked up and on to the bus. He even got someone to give their seat up for me. After about 10 minutes on the bus in the A/C I was feeling much better. Tracy thinks it was a slight heat stoke that hit me and was really scared. He wasn't sure we should continue with our plans but I assured him that I was OK and we did go for dinner but made it a early evening. I must have hit my tush really hard when I went down because it's really sore today and walking is a little painful so I'm staying put in my stitching chair and stitching the day away. He felt so sorry for me that when he went out to get stuff for dinner he came home with a bag of Dark Chocolate Truffles for me and he is cooking tonight.
Now for my latest finish.....

"Christmas In My Heart 2004" by Cross n' Patch Emie Bishop
Stitched on 28 count White Linen
with DMC Perle Cotton and floss
This is the second in the series of 4 and the one that Tracy picked for me to do after the first one. I think it may be my favorite one but I'll probably say that after I finish each of them I have started the third pattern and making good progress on it too. I have also started a Hardanger Ornament by Victoria Sampler but not enough done yet for a picture. Since I'll be doing the Hardanger Class I thought a Hardanger Ornie for the exchange would be nice to do.
That's it for this update. Be sure to check out the photos of the Belliago on Webshots, lots of pretty things to see.
Until Next Time.....Have a Great weekend with lots of stitching time


Cindy F. said...

Oh my gosh girl!! You may need to go for a check-up anyway...get that blood sugar checked:) Hope you didn't bruise too badly:(
Tracy is so good to you...a keeper!!

Love your beautiful Christmas heart!! WOW!! So dainty!

Thanks for sharing your pics of Vegas:) We may go there one day, but until we do...I enjoy seeing it through your eyes:)


Donna said...

Heat can do it to you, but you still need to get checked out!
Love the pics and that Christmas heart is just fabulous!

Nancy said...

Your Christmas heart is beautiful! I know exactly how you felt. I did almost the exact same thing at the Tigers game Thursday. Was 93 and were in the sun. I thought I was going to be sick and headed for the restroom. Got a cool paper towel and squatted down. (Didn't want to sit on the floor-yuck) Another woman asked if I was ok. Just needed to cool down a bit. Glad I didn't pass out and fall down like you did. You will probably be more sore tomorrow!! Off to go check out your webshots.....

Terry said...

Beautiful flowers; thanks for sharing! I hope that you're feeling less sore tomorrow but if not you can sit back and watch some ball games or nascar. You take care of yourself in the heat. I try to take a bottle of water with me when I go out in the crazy hot. You never know when your going to need it.

htimcj said...

I am sorry to hear about your fall. You have to be really careful in the heat, which I am sure you know already, it can sneak up on you!
I love your hardanger heart. Very pretty.

Lou's addictions said...

I hope your feeling ok after your spell, def need to get yourself checked out for iron and blood sugar levels.

I love the heart, the more I see of hardanger the more I want to learn it.

Sadie said...

Sorry to hear about your fall, it was lucky that you had DH there and others who helped. Hope you are feeling all better soon. :-)
Your stitching is so beautiful Rene. The heart is gorgeous! Look forward to seeing number 3.

Carissa said...

What a date you had, Rene! I'm glad you recovered quickly from the heat, but sorry to hear your tushie is sore! What a way to finagle a day of stitching, LOL.

Your pictures are beautiful!

Oh, and I have to say that my reaction of your Hardanger heart was that it was beautiful! I agree with your assessment of it being the fave. Hope you feel better soon!

~~~Melinda said...

Love the pictures and the heart!!! Hope you feel better soon!!

Carolyn NC said...

Ouch - not to be fussy, but if this has happened before, you might want to check it out with a dr., my dear. Could be low sugar, potassium, etc. Be careful and rest yourself. Your finish is beautiful. Love the contrasts - so vibrant.

5footrunt said...

Thank goodness you're ok. Tracy must have been so concerned with you and what a sweetie that he made dinner. Your pics are just amazing. I love the water globe. It makes me want to play with the water as it slides down, lol. Your finish is just so pretty. I hope to do as well in class. Thank for sharing!

Lisa said...

I hope that you are feeling better today...that heat can be dangerous. And if you get what we have in California right now, there is more heat coming your way so please take it easy. I love the flowers and the themed displays that the Bellagio puts together, it is a sight to see! Your Emie Bishop design/finish is beautiful! I look forward to seeing 3 and 4 completed :) Do you have plans on how you are going to finish all four of them?

Meari said...

Glad you landed on your tush instead of hitting your head. Have to be careful in this heat, girl!